Monday, 15 February 2010

Russian Command Finished!

Well that's me finished the infantry command bases for my 15mm Old Glory Russian Army. 1st up the main command base with Barclay de Tolly with his bald head waving his had. I hadn't read about the Russians of 1812-1813 for an awful long time when I received the figures so it was back to school for me and thankfully fellow wargamers helped me out too. I wanted a little bit of variety to the main base so I added in a cavalry officer, line infantry officer and a foot artillery officer.

I tried to get some point of interest with the base and as 3 of the figures were looking to their right I picked out BdT's eyes so as to be glancing in the same direction as if some threat had come into view.

My next command base I made a jager officer picking over a map while an infantry officer points him in the right direction.

All the officers that have bicornes on I had to make feather plumes with milliput for them as well as a few epaulettes and little bits and pieces.

The grenadier officers are my favourite, for some reason they just caught my imagination. I am really chuffed with how well the Old Glory figures are turning out. When I 1st seen them lying in the box I wasn't sure how they would clean up but I am pleasantly surprised and they paint up not half bad at all.

For a wee change I added in a couple of close ups of the faces to see how they would hold up.

I'm really enjoying my Russian project and to keep them flowing along I haven't been spending as much time painting and basing as usual. For a change I just spinkle 2 grades of sand on the base and sealed it them gave it a quick paint, wash and highlight before adding static grass and for me they are looking fine.

If you share the same interest in Napoleonics or figure painting please feel free to leave a comment.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look very nice and it's fun to watch your armies grow.


Anonymous said...

So BTD is a "slaphead". I have lots of friends who, er, well maybe,er, follically good on us, I mean

Matt (with a full head of,er...)

Excellent stuff!

paulalba said...

Hi Christopher,
I'm really enjoying putting the Russians together, the same of your own project.

Hi Matt,
It appears he was :-)
Makes him easier to pick out on the gaming table!

Thanks for the kind words guys
Best regards

Peeler said...

Hey, that's quality painting & basing, nice to see, keep it up! Regards,

Andy McMaster said...

Very nice figures and bases there. They look really good!

paulalba said...

Hi Peeler and Andy,
Thanks for your kind comments.
I'm just putting the finishing strokes to 7 battalions (however work is getting in the way!).

Ken said...

Beautifully done Paul, they are full of character - as usual.


paulalba said...

Thanks Ken,
That's very kind of you. I think the Russians have been the most fun I have had painting for a good few years. Who says red ad green don't go together! How you getting on with your vast French army?

Ken said...

Your Russians look great and would look perfect with their Prussian allies when you play the great 1813-1814 campaigns.

I've had a bit of a painting block as of late - the line lancers are waiting to be finished. Maybe tonight I might get the urge.

I'm going to try and base this lot more conventionally,using 30x40 bases instead of the wopping 40x60 bases I have been using so far. So that would be 3 riders per 30x40 base.



paulalba said...

Hi Ken,
Thanks again and as you would imagine I had had the Russians and Prussians out side by side for a wee look. I'm just a big kid at heart. My painting block surfaces from time to time. I have slowed down a little at the moment. I use smaller bases for my cavalry based on the GdB way of 12mm frontage for cav, 3 troopers to a base. 36mmx30mm. Look forward to seeing more of your units finished and with their new fantassin cavalry commander ;-)

Galpy said...

awesome job these figures look great, and the basing is great

paulalba said...

Cheers Galpy,
I'm going to have to find a better dull coat though. The Revell Matt is coming out to shiny on my figs.