Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bavarians . . . Watch this space

I've hit a little modelling/painting block at the moment.

1) I have my 1st Bavarian battalion (11th Kinkel) based needing varnished, grassed and a flag added.

2) I have my 1st artillery battery also pretty much finished with guns painted (bar 4 wheels needing done). Still needs varnished and grassed

3) I have converted a (Battle honours/AB?) Austrian artillery limber and have based and painted it. Needing wire attached then finished off, varnished and grassed. I am pretty happy with this 1 as it was very simple head swaps with some little details added and altered and I think it's looks the part.

However I've decided to have the weekend off as I kind of overdone it. I'd been preparing Russian horse and foot artillery limbers and also a 2nd Bavarian battalion for painting at the same time as doing the above and then my beloved tub of black paint I use for undercoating ran out!!!!! The wee shop I get it from no longer sells it and Chaos Black just doesn't cut it. Any suggestions?

On a brighter note I ordered a copy of "A soldier for Napoleon" telling the history of the Bavarian 7th regiment throughout the napoleonic wars. Interestingly seen through the letters sent home from an officer in the regiment. so hopefully it will arrive today and inspire me on.


Steve said...

we all need a break sometimes. usually when the mrs tells us......

ave you read "With eagles to glory"?
a great book about the 1809 campaign concentrating on the German contingent.

cheers Steve

Stryker said...

Hi Paul - I use Revell matt black as undercoat as it always dries very matt, not like some brands!


paulalba said...

Hi Steve,
I have to be honest I haven't really read many books on the napoleonic period :-( Crazy I know. However I plan to get my act together!!!!!!!!! and With eagles to glory" is on my list.

I have read David Chandlers Napoleonic Campaigns (over and over)and mostly the rest have been filled with pictures and a little info from the Osprey series and the like (that I also have found myself reading over and over). I have read a lot online about campaigns and battle though.

For some reason I didn't get the family reading gene?

Hi Ian,
I had thought of going back to enamels for my undercoats. Not sure cause of the fumes although I already use their matt varnish.
Thanks for the tips guys!