Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Russian Horse Artillery

Here are some pictures of my 15mm AB Russian horse artillery.

Ahhh there is nothing quite like a 6 gun horse artillery battery (especially when you have finished painting it!).

I am now addicted to the AB 15mm figures and especially the Russians. With my OG Prussians you could just about get away with them in the same battalion as their AB comrades but not a chance with the Russians.

My figures as usual are cleaned up and undercoated in black then I pick out the flesh. I painted the uniform with Foundry Russian green light then highlighted with Vallejo Russian Green.

A mix of greys on the trousers and a little highlight of dark grey on the leather then it was onto the white belts and metal work.

I drilled out the barrels of the guns with a pin vice and they were given a coat of Vallejo Russian green with a lighter green gradually put through it and the same green was used on the hand tools.

I've given them 2 coats of revell matt varnish and still they have a slight satin shine. This was my main fear when I started painting with the Foundry paints. I think eventually I will use a dull coat spray but for now they will do fine.

As always your comments are most welcome.


Stryker said...

Paul, they are seriously good looking! Personally I really like a satin finish on my Naps but my current satin varnish dries too glossy and sometimes has to be toned down with testors dullcoat. AB figures really are superb, I also have some of the ACW's which are great as well. Anthony Barton also sculpted a lovely range of AWI figures but sadly they are no longer in production.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful-really do look like little men!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice work!Heads down!


paulalba said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys,

Totally agree the AB figures really are the business. I am trying to stick to them now for my 15mm maps armies.

Cheers Matt and Christopher,
Your words are very much appreciated. I have spent many years painting stuff for my nephews so it's nice to have a couple of napoleonic armies I can call my own now.

Thanks again for you comments.

Robert said...

Those are really well done, Paul! I thought they were 28mm when I first saw them.

A nice, crisp paint job that I could not possibly manage to do myself at that scale.

Ken said...


You have certainly done a great job on the Russian artillery.


paulalba said...

Thanks very much gyuys,
I'm glad to see the back of them as they where quite time consuming to paint.

Steve said...

Hi Paul, these look great. well done!


paulalba said...

Cheers Steve,
Next up BAVARIANS!!!
P.S. could you please stop posting lovely pics of big naps at your blog! It is getting hard and harder to resist them!

Dan said...

Great Russians, love these figures, inspired to one day do a Russian army, well done.

paulalba said...

Cheers Dan,
As did the Bavarians you painted for your friend inspire me to get my finger out and do some AB Bavarians!