Monday, 4 October 2010

Prussian Landwehr Finished

At last I finally spent a half hour finishing off my 1st battalion of Pommeranian landwehr.

They have sat in my "to finish" pile for a very long time, far to many months! (quite embarrassing to be honest). I have been very unfair on them as I jumped from battalion to battalion leaving them crying out to join in all the fun.

To be honest I believe the Old Glory landwehr to be up there with AB's landwehr and before you spill your pint with anger please hear me out on this 1. I believe the AB figures to be the best looking but for landwehr they just look too elegant to me (although I would be pretty happy to have all my landwehr ranks filled with AB figures!). When I look at the Old Glory figures they look to me how I imagine Prussian landwher would look (a mob) brave but prone to uncontrolled charges.

A wee note: I have the OG Prussian landwehr with shako's added through my battalions. I cut off the top of their shako's and added caps with miliput to give more variety to my units.


Gunfreak said...

Very good painting, I can never get OG to look good, not even BH, I NEED AB to make my 15mm look even half decent.

paulalba said...

Cheers GF,
Yeah the OG and BH are pretty hard to make look good. You need to hunt for the detail. AB are definately much better to paint.

Ken said...

Hi Paul,

I have these very same figures myself and are waiting to be painted. Sadly they wont be half as good as yours!


paulalba said...

Hi Ken,
Not at all, I am sure your Landwehr will be every bit as good as mine!