Monday, 7 February 2011

Bavarian Foot Artillery

I know I said I would be doing a Bavarian light infantry battalion next but these little guys have been glaring at me from their little take-away box desperate to be finished so I dug them out, cleaned them up and got stuck into them.

So 3 guns and crew, no problem they should be easy to do I hear you say? well no these guys have actually been a little bit more complicated than they look! 1st off I bought them as part of an already painted job lot on ebay from a very helpful guy from Germany (who very kindly threw in some extra Bavarian casualties). For speed I planned on repainting them to my own style without stripping them so I cleaned them up based them on 40mm x 40mm bases and applied the sand around them (I always mount my artillery before painting as it helps me get started seeing them in position).

Anyway I blocked in the black to cover the areas I felt needed touched up and painted 1 figure to test out the colours (it was a bit difficult as they were painted pretty thick but it seemed ok so far). However when I tried painting more they just started to irritate me as the finish just was not what I was looking for as the paint was far to thick and obscuring the detail so frustration got the better of me and I tossed them in the "simple green" to strip them down (bases and all!).

So they lay there for a few days before I fetched them out and cleaned them off and remounted them on new bases ready to paint. I bought the Austrian guns separately unpainted and I had undercoated them a few weeks back so all I had to do was paint the crews.

I wanted a rich looking blue similar to the many pictures I have seen of the Bavarian artillery uniform and decided on using the Foundry French paints but with a little alteration. The figures were undercoated in black and then I blocked in a mix of Prussian blue and French blue. I then used the French blue as a highlight and then to finish off I used French blue light on the raised area. The colour is very effective to my own eyes and much richer than the test figure I did. The only problem I can see is it's not so easy to see the difference in shades from a distance so I may skip a stage when it comes to doing my Bavarian position battery?

When it came to reds again I wanted to produce something close to the colours I had seen so I went for Formula P3 skorne red for the collar, cuffs, etc but it was a little dark and flat so I highlighted them with a lighter red and then a very soft highlight of Vallejo vermillion (I feel this worked much better).

The AB figures are great as usual with so much fine detail to paint (although you will see I have added a couple of bandages across eyes that had a little flash and I also decided to add trousers to the crew who had gaiters). The little buttons on the lapels are especially superb! To be honest I wasn't sure how these guys were going to turn out right until the very end. I felt the same when painting the Bavarian infantry too. I believe it is because of the Raupenhelm as I leave its metal work, plume and national symbol to last and it is only when this is done that you see the complete figure.

So in the end I am pleased with these guys. The blue looks pretty good and the figures are neat and tidy. And at last my Bavarian limber has a reason to exist!!!!

I also learned some good lessons for the future about buying job lots that are already painted. So next up it should be my Bavarian light infantry battalion . . . Famous last words!!!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

they are really looking lovely.


paulalba said...

Hi Christopher,
Wow that was fast I just finished posting. I am pretty happy with these guys and thankfully less painting than Russian six gun batteries!!!

Thanks very much for you kind comment


Giles said...

Paul - those are absolutely superb. You really know how to bring out the best in ABs.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Bloomin' fantastic! I know I have said it before but I am amazed at the detail you can get on these little fellas.


Scotsgrey said...

absolute neatness

Rosbif said...

Lovely work, Paul!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Real nice your site

paulalba said...

Thanks a million for your encouragement guys!

Hi Giles and Matt, I feel very lucky to be painting AB Naps, there is so much detail for such a small scale and sometimes I do feel they paint themselves.
Hi D, I felt bad you had only the 1 Bavarian battalion along with the guard so I have made it my goal to get a full brigade finished in the next few months (just making trousers from green stuff for the troops at the moment, very long process), However life is very hectic at the moment!
Hi Rosbif, Really enjoying your blog with all your conversions, head swaps etc in plastic to get the figures that are not available.
Hi Captain R, You will know already that my brother and I are big fans of your site. We have a look through regularly as it is very inspiring.

Thanks again guys
Awe ra best

Sgt Steiner said...

Thought you didnt like painting artillery !? those are extremely nice and to usual very high standard (I really think I am beginning to hate you !!) :-)

Sgt Steiner

paulalba said...

Hi Sgt Steiner,
Hate I can deal with! Now if you told me you were in love with me then thats when I would start to panic ;-).

Phil said...

Very good work...

paulalba said...

Thanks Phil!