Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Russian Position Battery

It's funny I have always struggled painting artillery yet this is my 2nd Russian six gun battery within a couple of months! I think it is the different elements that put me off artillery as I kind of loose the rhythm when I think of switching to guns after painting figures.

I have always loved the look of the late war Russian foot artillery uniforms with kiwer. I remember visiting my brother in Hong Kong when he was posted there back in the early 90's. I was off on a walk around town myself when he was busy 1 day and I stumbled upon a little shop which to my surprise had a Russian artillery gun and crew all painted up and based in a little diorama (I think in 54mm?). It must have caught my imagination as I decided I definitely wanted 1 for myself. However soon after Napoleonic figure painting left my mind and I never did get 1 for myself.

Thankfully I have finally added some AB Russian foot guns to my collection. It's strange as I already painted an Old Glory Russian foot battery but it was only when painting the AB figures that my memory kicked in?

I have to say that I cut some corners when painting these guys to get them finished quicker. I usually do at least 2 shades on the coat but I only used Vallejo Russian green over a black undercoat this time. I had thought about using the foundry Russian greens for the coats but I have found they make the figures very dark in 15mm. I know they are the closest shades to the real uniforms but I was a little disappointed with how dark my horse artillery gunners turned out.

I used Formula P3 skorne red (brilliant colour) on the shako cords as it is the best match I have found to the picture of the Russian artillery man in the osprey Napoleonic artillery equipment book (Always like that colour). The shoulder straps are vermillion.

I recently realised I messed up on all my Russian guns and limbers. Originally I meant to do my gun carriages in a deeper green with a different hue that I had used before on a 25mm Russian limber however I forgot and cracked on adding a little lighter shade to the Vallejo Russian green. I won't be repainting them now but I think I will try it out on my next Russian artillery battery and limber.

Next up Bavarian light infantry


Giles said...

Lovely painting, Paul. I fully agree with you on 15mm - you really have to lighten the uniforms a bit, otherwise if you go "true to life" every army (save for the British and Austrians) would be almost black in this scale. I think your choice of colours work very well.

Best wishes


Ken said...

A nice looking battery and well based too - the Russians did like their guns.

I must confess that I sometimes forget the sound advice of Giles and paint too dark a colour (although authentic). The tabletop really does need a shade lighter.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Really very nice!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful little figures.I really admire your skill on these tiddlers!


paulalba said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys,
Hi Giles and ken, Yes you are right, I remember the guys at a modelling club I used to go to talking about scale effect with paint and although I am happy with my collection I can see I have went quite dark at times. Even these figures are much darker than the photo's show.
Hi Christopher and Matt,
Thanks very much. I am really enjoying painting the AB figures. Miss your blog updates Matt. Do you think you will come back to it in the future?
Best regadrs

Stryker said...

Impressive looking paint job as always!


Anonymous said...


Hope to continue with the updates-but I will have to limit to the WTM blog for the foreseeable future. Looking forward to the "lights".

paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks very much, I always keep an eye out for HH figures at bring and buys at our shows up here just incase thereare some hidden gems you may need.

Hi Matt,
That's good to hear, for some reason I forgot you were still doing your WtM. Very nice. I will add it to my links as it is easier to keep track.