Sunday, 27 February 2011

Naps 26.2.11

This last couple of weeks have been a complete washout as regards gaming and painting my wee men as I have been living off 4-5hours sleep a day. I feel like the little lass out of the exorcist with my head spinning around. Thankfully I got a couple of days break from my crazy schedule and with a bit of luck JP had arranged a game of Naps down at our club. Worked out lucky for both of us in the end as the lad who was meant to be playing JP decided not to turn up and didn't bother to contact him either.

So JP let me know there was a game on and I put out the feelers to see who else was interested and we ended up with 5 players in all.

Robert and Von Hannah played the Prussians while JP, Billy and myself played the French.

The Prussians were defending for the day with JP, Billy and myself popping out to have a little discussion about out route of attack. It was decided that Billy and JP would try to punch a whole in Von Hannah's line and I would use my 2 cuirassier regiments and an infantry brigade to hold the Prussian right flank at bay.

Robert was in charge of the Prussian right with a couple of brigades of infantry and a couple of cavalry regiments (1 light and 1 landwher). So my cuirassiers should have the upper hand.

Robert seemed set on an aggressive approach so my engage orders were switched to assault and my cavalry took the fight right to Roberts advancing troops.
I rolled a double six in 1 melee and high in the other so the Prussian cavalry on the left was pretty much taken care of.

With the resulting rolls my cuirassiers returned to their own lines to sort themselves out.

Meanwhile my infantry steadied itself to hold the flow of advancing Prussians, however their eyes were firmly fixed on trying to stem the flow of Frenchmen smashing into the Prussian centre.

Despite Von Hannah's heavy cavalry chasing away JP's light cavalry on the Prussian left and him rolling an incredible number of way above average dice (with his solid metal dice that we are sure he got from!) eventually the French battalions managed to punch a huge hole in the Prussian centre and a French victory was declared!!!

A good game and I'm sure enjoyed by all even if we were a bit rusty. Figures were from the collections of JP, David P and my own.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Always good to get a game in when possible. Nice looking board btw.


The Angry Lurker said...

Sounds like a good game, good figures and scenery, gaming of any sort or period is what we are here for my friend.

paulalba said...

Hi Christopher and Angry L,
Totally agree, we were all glad to get a game in! Me especially as I have been cold turkey for a good while now.
Many thanks for the comments
Awe ra best

Andy McMaster said...

Good looking figures and table. Always nice to get a game in in leiu of painting etc.

What's the table base cloth?


DeanM said...

An excellent looking game, which it was I'm sure. Dean

Ken said...

Looks like a great game. I like the hordes of cuirassiers galloping over the fields.


Rosbif said...

Vive la France! I love the look of your massed armies on a table top. Nothing like masses of cuirassiers crushing everything in their path!

Sgt Steiner said...

Figures looking awesome as ever

Scotsgrey said...

Good to hear that the Von hannah steam roller of high dice was in action. Herr Hannah would have been crowing if his rolls had been low about the unfairness of gaming!

paulalba said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for the comments
Andy the table base cloth is from Games Workshop (grass on 1 side and black on the other)Very nice as it is almost the same shade as the static grass summer mix I use.
Dean, Ken, Rosbif, Sgt Steiner it was a great game played in good spirits, (I think more so for me because it had been so long from my last game). I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed it.
Des, I am sorry to say that Von Hannah despite his high rolling was on the loosing side! :-)
All the best

MiniMike said...

Impressive game Paul. Very nice looking. What rules do you use? Cheers, Michael

paulalba said...

Hi Michael,
Thanks very much,
The Rules we are using are General De Brigade. Very nice rules for the size of games we play. 1:20 size battalions. really nice to look at and to control.
Here is the forum for the rules:

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great lookin figs...excellent table

Ray Rousell said...

Looks like a great game, lovely figures and terrain. nice one!

paulalba said...

Thanks guys,
We were pretty rusty so just a wee starter game to get us back into the swing.

CarloAntonio said...

Very nice looking...great work !!!

paulalba said...

Thanks Carlo!