Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Napoleonic Prints

I'm trying to get my head together a wee bit. Hoping the situation is stabilizing in Tacloban and the aid effort is kicking into gear despite the stupid political infighting! We have lost connection again and the UK News has somehow dropped the Tacloban story already??? I think this will be because of the amount of disasters that have happened all around the world? Our family had 2 weeks of food last time we spoke 2 days ago so as long as aid gets through soon they will be fine long term. I don't know how the aid will be distributed but we will instruct Mai's brother who is in the building trade to break down the cost and labour to rebuild the family homes lost in the Typhoon. I hope the government with international aid will help them rebuild as although we can help them with food, to build  all the houses again would be well out of our family budgets. However we will take it day by day.

I'm not sure if this will be much of interest to other gamers but I have picked up a load of prints from online for putting around my wargames den plus a drawing of Napoleon I picked up with my 1st wage packet many years ago. Genuine Meissonier I was assured?

Pavlov grenadiers being blessed before battle.
Battle of Smolensk

I would guess this would be the blessing before the battle of Borodino?
Possible the battle of Borodino?

I now know thanks to Andrew that this is the Saxon garde du corp at Borodino. Shows what I know I thought the cavalry shown were Russian cuirassiers!
and my Meisonier drawing

I hope it is original as the pencil work is stunning close in with a magnifying glass. There was a larger drawing of what scene I cannot remember but I didn't have enough from my 1st wage to buy it. If anyone knows any more info about the scenes above I would love to hear it.


Mark Case said...

Hi Paul - nice to see you back into hobby posts! You should have the portrait of Napoleon looked at by a professional. It could be a lithograph, but the signature may be worth noting. Welcome back, and I hope your family is getting along o.k.

paulalba said...

Hi mark, thanks. I will. I have looked very closely with a magnifying glad and it looks Ike very fine pencil strokes. I'll have it checked though.

Andrew Saunders said...

The 2nd to last is indeed borodino and its the saxon garde du corps charge of the grand redoubt

paulalba said...

Thanks Andrew!

Stryker said...

Lovely prints Paul - no wargame room is complete without a picture of Napoleon on the wall, my own boasts one of the Emperor at Friedland.

It appears to me that the 'media' have set budgets for disasters and as soon as the money is spent hey presto the event is over and the circus moves on! Call me cynical...

Ken said...

Hi Paul, I've been thinking along the very same lines myself. I got a print from the Sharpe series for my birthday. Just waiting for a suitable sized frame for my xmas box! I would really like a print of the Messioneir 1814 Napoleon picture.

Glad you have been able to join WD3 at last.



John (VonBlucher) said...

It's a must to have art works in your gaming room, and yours are quite nice.

My area is adorned with ship paintings, which went well with all my 15mm Napoleon ship games I use to play years ago.

Gonsalvo said...

Looking good!

I have had the print of Napoleon at Friedland in my room since about age 15 - now in my study. Also a framed print of Davout at Auerstadt, and the Scotts Grey's charge at Waterloo. As my wargames room is in the basement, I can't really hand pictures there.