Sunday, 17 November 2013

Tacloban Typhoon 5

Hi guys,
This is the progress so far.

We got a call from Mai's sister for around 20 mins, (globe mobile)  Some of the family managed to do a 2 day trip (7 hour trip usually) to an area in samar that was less effected but still had black out etc. However they had a bank and places to buy food, huge waiting lines. They can only take 20,000ph pesos a day but was enough to buy 2 weeks for the family and neighbours. The local boys (who remain) have bonded well and any intruders to the neighbourhood are questioned. Any family hearing anything starts banging metal  on metal and the boys come running.

we also had a little delivery of goods from the convoy. Mai's choir friend Richie and his group travelled days to get there from Manila. Relief goods are still to get to them!!!

The plan is to get the women and children to the place where they bought the food as Jnette sourced a pension at a reasonable price. She said its like tacloban before yollanda. It's just to let them get their heads together. And once they are safe the boys are going to  volunteer their services in the clean up. They have no plans to leave. Their great grandfather was the 1st post war mayor.

We are taking it a day at a time. There is going to be a lot of hard times ahead. The kids now know that a lot of their school friends are gone. little Mary now 14 has lost her closest friend. They were always together, I always seen them jabbering together.

Our farm building survived the typhoon as it was newly built and of concrete. The roof blew off and was a little flooded but as it is 2 stores it didn't matter.

The 5 families who live in little huts on the farm were in the farm building on the night of yollanda so they are safe and obviously they can stay there until their homes are repaired and it is safe to do so.

it was posted 2 days ago that 90,000 have left
the city so who knows how many remain?

I think that's me for now. I think ill try and finish my landwegr cavalry to get my head together. The last 2 days has been a little calmer but want to hear the women and kids are safe away first. It sounds pretty clean cut but many of our family like the rest of the city face a pretty bleak future at the moment. We will try our best but there are 5 family homes gone and it was hard to make a living before the typhoon. We all know how corrupt the Philippines is and the political positioning  has started already. The boys will be straight and honest and will help where ever they can.



fireymonkeyboy said...

Good news that they're holding together, and at least able to get some supplies.


Francis Lee said...

Some good news at least?

Gary Amos said...

Given what they've been through the past several days, I think they're holding up remarkably well. From the TV news this morning events seem to have turned the corner and things should start moving much more quickly now.

Best wishes.

Mark Case said...

It's good to hear that things aren't as nuts where your family lives. The American news organizations have reports of apocalyptic conditions in other areas. Thanks for the updates. Sending best wishes your way.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Good to hear things are getting better daily.

Best Wishes

John (VonBlucher) said...

Glad to hear things are getting better, but I'm sure there still a long ways to getting back to normal.

paulalba said...

Thanks guys, things could have been a lot worse, they are alive. I believe this next 2 weeks are important. Stay healthy, safe and locate food, the guys had to drain fuel from destroyed cars to keep there heavily damaged car going, they use a car battery to charge the phone??? The boys are very resourceful thankful. Im int glad we could help financially to give them a little mental relief. Sorry for the people who have nothing. I hope all our donations make it to then and they will have houses built for them.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Good news that things are getting a little better…hope everything goes well