Sunday 10 January 2010

Snow Place Like Home

Well it's not that I haven't been busy painting Napoleonics. I have honest, and loads of them I just haven't finished anything off yet.

So while I beaver away towards finishing my first figures of the new year I thought I'd post some more winter scenes, kind of like music in the dentists waiting room while your waiting to get drilled.
The great thing about snow is how it hides your sins, not like bodies under the patio brookside style but incomplete garden projects!

I have to say I was quite impressed with our first snow fall this winter.

And I was pretty excited on the run up to Christmas.

It was nice to see our wee garden looking clean and tidy.

Since then it's gotten a little nuts (not as nuts as 30mins away where a lot of my family live, they had double our snow fall)

At least the car won't need washing for a bit.

At the top of our hill it's been difficult going but I have to say I love the snow (I know it has brought Britain to a standstill in areas and a lot of hardship for many that is always the flip side).

It even inspired me to get a battalion of 28mm Austrians out, clean them up and paint them like I was 10 years old in preparation for my 1st attempts with Army Painter. For my sins I have a large collection of unpainted 25mm/28mm Napoleonics.
This is me braving the harsh climate to deliver the last of our Christmas cards.

This is where we have been sitting out the cold spell with mulled wine, bailey's some Efes (A Turkish lager I have just recently discovered) some snacks and the heating turned up.