Friday 25 August 2017

28th Massachusetts

Almost a full month since my last post. I've had a good bit of bother this past couple of months with life not going 100% to plan for myself and people I care about. However that is life and as is expected the hobby side of things has taken a hit not that, that matters so much.

I have had some positive hobby things happen lately. I went to Claymore in Edinburgh and had a nice day. I didn't buy much to be honest but there were a number of cool games to see.

My biggest lift came from a delivery of ACW 28mm figures from Raven Banner Games in the US. I signed up for their kickstarter (my 1st) mainly for my brother, however as they are lovely figures I've decided I'll be doing a few regiments myself. The Kickstarter I'm pleased to say went really smooth and I purchased around 10 regiments worth as well as upper command sets and I'm really chuffed with my purchase.

The troops as you can see are all in greatcoats and I am amazed by the amount of poses that are supplied.  There are 10 regular trooper poses that are joined by officers, flag men, musicians as well as enthusiastic types.

I finished them off with a kinda autumn/winter look and GMB flags and I'm pretty happy how they came out.

I also recently finished General Thomas Francis Meagher leader of the Irish brigade. Lovely figure!

I hope everyone is doing fine and getting on with their own projects.

Happy wargaming!!!