Wednesday 28 September 2016

Prussian Powder Wagon

Following on from my Prussian horse artillery caisson I've managed to get another of my Prussian vehicles finished. This time a powder wagon.

As usual I've made a wee video of the finished vehicle on YouTube if anyone is interested.

I spotted on the Perry Miniatures website a lovely painted model of a Prussian powder wagon so I decided to try and capture a little bit of its flavour.

The vehicle itself is again a really lovely model produced by bluemoon. I added the T bar at the front from a warbases vehicle and it fits very well. The drivers again are from AB and as usual are excellent.

Obviously being Prussian the text on the wagon is in German so if you spot an error please let me know!

I added a little step onto the vehicle by drilling and threading a little bit of plasticard. I am not 100% sure on this however the position of the little overhang shouts out for a step to me.

This time I went for the regular train driver uniform although it's a tricky 1 to nail down exactly.  From what I've read, been told and seen it was a straight forward dark blue coat with mid to light blue collar with white metal buttons.

They appear to have worn the regular reinforced overall and I went for a red lining like the artillery drivers. Again they appear to have carried a cavalry style sabre on black beltwork.

I am still very much enjoying bring the little bluemoon vehicles to life, however I may take a break to get some more troops finished off.

Mai and I have a little getaway planned so I'll probably not get much progress done for a bit.

Happy Wargaming!!!   

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Prussian Horse Artillery Caisson

Life continues to be pretty busy however in my spare time I have slowly pushed on with my Prussian artillery vehicle project.

So the 1st of my artillery park finished is a caisson for my horse artillery batteries.

As mentioned before the vehicle is from the relatively new Bluemoon Prussian range and is really lovely. The drivers are from AB, I had consciously decided a number of years ago to only use a 4 horses team for each of my AB limbers, with the thought of converting Prussian support vehicles this left me spare drivers.

I'm so happy that bluemoon decided to do the support vehicles as they have given me so much inspiration.

For the horse caisson drivers following advice from the lads on FB I decided to add a litewka plus the leatherwork and fittings the horse drivers may have worn. This was added with greenstuff and hasn't come out to badly. 

The caisson was painted with my trusty humbrol Prussian blue lightend with an old grey I have kept over the years so my Prussian vehicles all match.  

The traces were made with twisted thin wire threads and were superglued into holes I drilled at the attachment points. I then created attachment loops and harness with greenstuff. 

I may use this week guy as my profile pic sometime?

All in all a nice little project, the traces were the tricky bit but I think worth it.

I hope everyone is finding some time to paint their toys.

Happy Wargaming!

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Some mixed WIP

It's been a while, I've had the urge to build and paint however life has been quite hectic. I have managed a wee bit of progress. I have 2 projects on the go at the moment. 

Saxon light cavalry

I have around 13 finished now however I've jumped again.

As I have a whole lot of prussian artillery wagons on the go. Mostly the lovely Bluemoon vehicles with AB teams.

I've fallen in love with the little bluemoon wagons, a friend put me onto them and now I own Russian, French, Austrian as well as Prussian vehicles.
Here's hoping they do saxon soon!

OK that's me for the moment.
Happy wargaming!!!