Tuesday 28 February 2012

Davids Artillery 1

My brother David has been speeding through his French 15mm figures with the latest on the painting table being these OG French foot artillery.
David likes the animated poses of the OG figures for his units.
These guys turned out nice but the real gems are the OG guard horse artillery below.
I think these are Davids best painted 15mm figures to date?
When I was editing the pics I actually thought I was looking at his 28mm Naps as he has guard horse for them too.
I always think if you can go in this close and they still look nice then you have done a good job on the painting. I should point out that David painted these figures after a phone conversation as he had no uniform reference material for them in his house at the time so not bad at all.

I haven't stopped painting myself, however I have jumped again!
I took a week off for my birthday and as I was free on the Saturday the guys suggested a 15mm Naps game. JP organised the battle and it was planned around a battle on the lead up to Borodino (I think it was Sheverdino? Sorry about spelling). Anyway the allied side was my Russians but I simply didn't have enough so my Prussians had to be enlisted as Russians as well (even my Saxons got a run out as Russians!). We had 7 players and it was great fun with some really side splitting moments (I and 2 others were a little hung over and I forgot my camera). Anyway long story shot is I have jumped back to my Russians (using Army Painter!). Army Painting Russians is simply brilliant, even better than the Saxons. I actually placed the AP'd Russians next to my finished AB unit and I was amazed at how close they look. It looks like I will be doing all my Russian foot with the AP method.
Pics to follow when I get a week of work out the way...

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Davids Old Guard 2

I thought I would post some pics of the Davids progress on their old guard. I believe all the infantry were painted by young David (his dad has been concentrating on the line).
 2 battalions of AB guard chasseurs and 1 battalion of old glory grenadiers of the guard. 
I'm sure they will be a formidable enemy!
 Plus the guard command base that I started so long ago and young David continued with is now finally finished and the young guard fanion is also attached (if not waving in the wide).
So as things stand I have a battalion of old glory Dutch guard to paint and the Davids have 3 battalions of old glory middle guard and 1 more old glory old guard battalion to paint.
I think they are turning out pretty well.

Monday 6 February 2012

Saxon Von Low

At last I finally finished my 2nd Saxon infantry battalion. This is the 1st battalion of the Von Low regiment for the 1812-23 period with dark blue facings and silver/white buttons.
Pretty happy how these guys turned although my camera work hasn't quite picked up the shading.
I can feel myself getting older as I don't seem to hit the buttons how I used to.
I love doing these close up shots as it kind of works like a magnifier and gives me an idea of detail I have missed.
Forgot to do the yellow/black between the facing colour on the drummers wings however I have read 1 reference text with facing colour alone on them so I think I will leave them be.
My favourite wee guy of the whole battalion. The reason being is I know nobody else has this figure as I converted him myself with head swap and green stuff detail added. Something cool about knowing he is the only 1 in the world (daft I know). Maybe I should have given him a tash?
So that's 2 battalions down with 2 more line battalions, a light battalion, artillery and some jagers still to go (I may also add a grenadier battalion?).