Tuesday 30 May 2017

Saxon Progress

I've been pushing on with my Prussians and Saxons lately mostly with conversions however I've still been painting a good bit too in my spare time.

I managed to get a battalion of Saxons finished ready to base.

So this is the 2nd battalion of my Prinz Clemens regiment for 1812-13. This battalion finishes off the regiment.

A slightly converted AB NCO. 

This is my least favourite pose with what seems to be a head swap of a french man onto a Saxon body. The collar/neck on these guys isnt to pretty and needed a wee tidy up. I decided to jazz them up with some fancy trousers.

I took some shortcuts with the whites to get the battalion finished quicker. Still look pretty good to me.

More stripes for a little bit of a campaign look.

And 1 final little Saxon side project I've been working on is converting various figures to Saxon upper command for 1812-13. I picked up the 28mm Calpe figures and Peter Bunde plate and have been trying to match them as best I can. This is the 1st of them, he's my colour test for the blue, the rest are primed and ready to go.

Anyway I hope everyone's doing well with their projects and happy wargaming!!!

Thursday 4 May 2017

Prussian Reserve Battalion

Well I'm happy to say I managed to get another battalion finished off for my Prussian army. This time a reserve battalion.

This is the 3rd battalion for my 6th Prussian reserve regiment. All the figures are Old Glory (old OG) and were great fun to paint. I have had this battalion sitting about for years so it's a wee bit more of a buzz to see them ticked off. 

I have mixed in the regular Old Glory Prussian infantry as a few NCO's, officers and musicians giving the battalion a good variety of poses. This battalion finishes off the 3 battalions of my 6th regiment. 2 West Prussian and 1 Silesian battalion.

And now back to the Saxons!!!

Until next time Happy Wargaming!!!