Monday 23 April 2012

15mm Prussian 1806 (4)

I thought it was about time I posted some more of Johns excellent early Prussians
This time up is Johns complete artillery park with foot and horse artillery as well as ammo supply and limbers.
As usual great looking figures and loads of inspiration for anyone wanting to build up an army of 1806 Prussians.
I would guess these guys will be the foot artillery with the grey trousers?
Interesting to see the old powdered hair style still in use by the Prussians in 1806.
Nice work with the traces, very tricky in our scale and yours have worked out a lot better than mine John!
And these will be the horse artillery with white strides, boots and fancy feather/plume?.
Look forward to seeing more very soon Von Blucher!

Tuesday 3 April 2012

St. Petersburg Grenadiers

Deep breath . . . . . . . . . . . aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Finally I have completed my 2 battallions of the St. Petersburg grenadier regiment. I have had the figures sitting around finished for a good while now and kept putting off basing them as I based up a big batch of FOW Americans (and also some old space characters for my nephews in the Philippines).
I am very happy how the 2 battalions turned out and the Army Painter continues to leave me all warm inside.
As always with my Russians a HUGE thank you to a Gentleman in the USA who goes by the handle Suvoroff as he was kind enough to send me the flags he created for his own 1812 Russian army.
All the figures are from the AB 1812 Russian range and I really enjoyed painting them. 
Only bother I had was gluing the flags in place. I drilled out the hands as usual and attached the flags to straightened paper clips, however when I went to glue them with my trusty super glue (the best glue I have ever found in my years of modelling) the bugger had turned so I hunted for a new tub and thankfully it worked a treat, phew!!!
I had a little fun here zooming in to see how close I could go before the dreaded cast lines we try so hard to remove begin to show. This officer is my favourite figure of the whole regiment which is weird as when I 1st seen him in bare metal I wasn't keen on him and here he is leading the 2nd battalion (or should that be 3rd battalion with the 2nd back at the depot or is that just the line regiments?).
And here they are altogether, my 1st full AB Russian regiment complete with brigade command.
Getting tired now, better get this finished and head off to bed!
Probably to many photos but it is my 1st complete AB Russian regiment ;0)
More zooming in (far to close!!!).
I think the brigadier should have had a dark green plume but I got carried away and promoted him to general.
I was trying to decide what to paint next, my 3 options were to complete my Kutuzov command base I have now finished converting, finish a light foot battery or paint up my Pavlov regiment. I was going to take Johns advice and do Kutuzov however I still need troops on the ground and I feel I owe the Pavlov's since I have owned them in 15mm Minifigs plus 25mm Essex (now gone from my possession) and never completed a full battalion.
So Pavlov's it is! I actually have around 40 spare Pavlov's that I will paint up and see if I can sell them on ebay to raise some funds. I painted up a test figure and stupidly forgot to take his pic. 
I'm happy how he turned out.