Monday 20 June 2016

Saxon Light Infantry WIP1

Another long overdue post I'm afraid, I didn't even make a Youtube video for 2 weeks. A very, very busy end of May to middle of June. However with the odd free half hour here and there I have managed to get my 1st Saxon light infantry battalion ready to paint. This is for the Miniature Modelling Mayhem Facebook Group June challenge and although I will definitely not get them painted by the end of June I am really chuffed to have the hard work out the way!

As usual I've made a little video of my progress to date.

As the Saxon light infantry has a different pattern of coat to the line and since nobody else does the figures in 18mm the only option was to convert the AB line infantry skirmishing figures with a few subs (Bavarians, Prussians, Austrians with headswaps) thrown in. It's a wee project I've had in my head for a good while with the figures already selected for the job. The above picture is a little dated as I now have the figures converted, based and undercoated. Happy days!

Sorry for the poor picture quality, the uniform has a kinda Prussians feel about it. I filed away the uniform details and also shako cord giving some troops shako covers and overalls plus some other items to try and give the unit a mixed campaign look. The details were made with green stuff and pro create. 

This is the only full dress figure in the unit, the mounted officer.

It was a little daunting at 1st with the amount of detail that was needed however once your into the swing it's actually really good fun adding the little buttons.

This is an Austrian casualty set half way done. I found a reenactors picture of a French officer with his gorget hanging off so I thought I'd try to replicate it on this injured officer with his coat part open at the top.

So that's the progress for the moment. I'll post some pics as they start to take shape.

Happy Wargaming!!!