Saturday 28 January 2017

Saxon Raabe M1810 Artillery

Can't believe this is my 1st post of the New Year. A belated happy new year to everyone!!!

I've been busy painting and I'm very happy to say I managed to get a long neglected project finished.

I can't remember how long ago it was when I had the idea of converting my own Saxon guns? Well, I'm glad to say I finally got the buggers done!!!

 I used the AB French artillery in bardin uniform with conversions to the Shakos to give a more Saxon look. Not perfect but they will do me fine.

 Bases are finished in my usual fashion with tufts and flowers as if they have just set up.

Wee close up of the Saxon badge, I also added a few shako covers. The uniforms were done with Andrea miniatures greens and I've explained the process on the video above.

Did a good bit of converting on the guns, not something I'd like to do again but it was fun and didn't take to long when I got into the swing. The guns were from the AB French gun range.

I had planned on an ochre/ochre brown finish to the metalwork however Kawe of Westfalia Miniatures assured me the colour would have been a bright yellow similar to the museum pieces so I went for that, they look fine. 

Really glad to have them finished and a massive thanks to Dr Stephen Summerfield and Kawe for creating my interest in Saxons of the Napoleonic period!!! Stephens book on Saxon artillery and the Westfalia figure range have inspired my small but growing Saxon army and they have also been very kind in answering my many daft question and constantly keep me motivated in Napoleonics 🤗

I have also completed a couple of French artillery batteries so I'll post some pics soon plus I've started converting my Saxon Grenadiers of the Guard for 1813.

Happy Wargaming!!!