Friday 29 May 2015

Prussian ADC's

A quick post, here are a couple of Prussian ADC's I converted a wee while back and painted up as part of my Warboss Tae's May Painting Challenge, the final video is below if anyone is interested:

And some pics of the ADC's below if not.

I think this guys my favourite done as an officer of the Brandenburg hussars. Headswapped and neck drilled then pinned with paperclip and superglue with some putty to tidy up. The body fits the head well.

I'm very happy with the painting on this guy. I used the foundry Prussian blue shade and mid tone and a tiny touch of Coat d' Arms horse tone grey into the mid blue gave a lovely highlight.

MiniNatur flowers and turfs for fun.

And this guy was done as an adjutant to the king, can't see his face so well as his head is dipped but I'm chuffed with him to.

Anyway hope everyone is well and hopefully catch up with everyone's posts now that the challenge is over!

Happy war Gaming!!!

Saturday 23 May 2015

Prussian Leib Hussar

So this is a unit I'm really happy to get out the way and the May Painting Challenge has really helped to keep me motivated on pushing to the end with them.

You can check out my video here:

Or below are some pics of the finished regiment

I've been really enjoying painting horses lately as I have colours nailed down that work for me. I'm comfortable with how the horses turned out however I maybe went a little bright on the greys?

I'm also chuffed with the totenkopfs on the shako covers as they are tiny so I guess the guys painted them on themselves?

The braid was surprisingly straight forward. I undercoated in Vallejo 165 and this gave a sound base shade not to dark to give a skeletal look and not to light to be close to the white plus chainmail for the buttons so really pleased with that.

So all in all I'm very happy with them, I mixed Vallejo sky blue with black for the uniform highlight and it gave a nice highlight without looking to grey or to blue.

So that's another Prussian unit ticked off!!! Hussar hurrah!!!!

Sorry for not getting round everyone's blogs more frequently as the MPC has taken up a lot of time.
happy war gaming and painting!

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Prussian Horse Artillery 1813-15

I'm pleased to say the May Painting Challenge is going well and today I put the finishing touches to my AB Prussian HA. If you are interested in the video progress you can find the latest over on YouTube here:

Or if you prefer there are pics below . . .

I'll admit right out that I maybe went a shade light on the uniform but they are 18mm so do need a little help on the table. My final highlight was foundry Prussian blue highlight with a tiny touch of Coat d'Arms horse grey. I really like the colour so went for it. Craig sorry buddy as I know I should be keeping it dark!

It goes without saying that the AB figures are lovely, these are some of the nicest I've painted and are far better detailed than the regular rank and file Prussian infantry that I own. I would guess they were sculpted later?

I added flowers and turfs from MiniNatur and I'm pretty happy with the effect they give the bases if a little artificial they do brighten them up a bit. Maybe they should be crushed into the ground but that's life, artistic licence and all that.

A huge thanks to Darren who I purchased a large amount of my unpainted AB Prussians From a few years ago. Darren kindly sent up a load of AB Prussian guns he found long after our transaction and I'm really grateful for that Darren, definitely saved me a few £'s!

So that's me for the moment, sorry for not getting around everyone's blog I've been busy with the video a day MPC. Hopefully everything will be back to normal 1st June.

Happy wargaming and painting!

Wednesday 13 May 2015

David's French Cavalry WIP

My nephew David and I had a painting session on Sunday past so I was able to take a few pics of his WIP French cavalry.

David's Vistula lancers, just the basing of the back ranks to be finished. He put the sand on them Sunday so should be finished soon.

A close up of the lancers, smaller figures than the usual AB lancers but still nice.

12 chasseur a cheval in pink facings finished so just 12 to go.

And 6 guard lancers on the go.

That's all for the moment, thanks for looking.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Prussian WIP 5/5/15

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I have been busy painting when I can but have been hooked on doing YouTube videos. There are an awful lot of enthusiastic painters and wargamers posting videos, so much so that it's hard not to be inspired! Anyways for the month of May I've entered into a painting challenge and this is what I'm hoping to get finished by doors close at the end of May, varnished and grassed . . .

May Painting Challenge Day 5:

And some still pics

So I chose AB Lieb Hussars and a horse battery as my units I wanted to get done in May. I prepared everything before May and also got a head start on the horses and guns.

I also had the officers 80-90% done before starting so just the fine detail on them to do plus the rest are either base coated or a little further forward.

I managed to get all the chest braid done today over a gray base shade I did yesterday.

Another 4 that were well on the way before day 1. I have to say that the painting challenge has been a brilliant way to keep the creative juices flowing however
 there is a long way to go.

Wish me luck!

Happy wargaming!!!