Wednesday 30 November 2016

Borodino : Falkirk Wargames Club

In November the lads from the Falkirk Wargames Club put on a 3 day re-fight of the Battle of Borodino. I couldn't get the time off work for the whole weekend however I did manage to get over to Al's to see the set up.

I've put together a wee video and a few pics below. 15mm figures using General de Brigade rules.

The figures are from various collections including some of my own.

This was a spectacular looking table with the company of like minded Napoleonic enthusiasts, I am gutted that I couldn't get the weekend off to take part. Such is life!

The Russians setting out a defensive line.

Somewhere around 7000 15mm figures were used throughout the weekend and as expected casualties were high, very high!

The great redoubt built by Peter, I now have the inspiration to build my own some time soon. John S. the gabion defences you sold me will come in very handy!

The French camp with Napoleon in the centre with his historically accurate purple jumper.

Some Germanic cavalry, very pretty.

Very sweet little pontoon bridges.

The Russian HQ looks a little concerned at the scale of the French threat.

Kutuzov scouting out the enemy positions.

That's my post for today, short and sweet. The battle was fought to a bloody draw just like the original.

 I have a few other wee bits and pieces on the go so I hope to get a couple of posts up next month.

Happy Wargaming!