Saturday 4 May 2013

Prussian Foot Artillery 1

It's been pretty quiet around my wee blog of late. I have a busy, busy, busy life going on at the moment but slowly, very slowly I have been painting away and I have managed to finish off an AB Prussian artillery foot battery. You will have spotted that the 4 gun crews are all in the same position. This was for ease of painting and I will paint another battery in loading positions and mix them up.
As usual you can hardly see the shading on the blue, grey and flesh in my pics but it is definitely there.
Still I'm happy how they have come out, clean and crisp.
I decided to do them with the upper collar lined for 1815 instead of the 1813 lower style just because it was easier to do and they will be fine for waterloo. 
This battery sorts out my Prussian artillery for the Katzbach 1813 OOB at the back of the GdB book. Yeah!
The AB figures as you would expect are really, really nice and very similar to the Russian artillery crew they produce. 
Also I have been working my way through these wee babies. I picked them up already painted from Darren and I originally thought they would be simple touch ups however they have become a pretty big repaint (sadly) to match my own style. 14 down so 10 still to go!
They have changed from the lieb regiment to the Brandenburg regiment so they had a nice base to work from.
I'm pretty happy how they are coming along and hope you like them to.

Happy wargaming