Friday 23 October 2015

Russian LG Cossacks WIP3

A good bit progress on my Sho Boki LG Cossacks 17 down 7 to go!

3 more troopers then onto trumpeters and officers

Starting to look like a unit now

Can't see the shading on the trousers, coat or horse in the pic but it's there. Really enjoying these guys now.

That's me for the moment, awe ra best and happy wargaming!

Friday 16 October 2015

Russian LG Cossack WIP2

A wee bit of progress on my Sho Boki Leib Garde Cossacks . . .

That's 9 done and 15 to go although I'm just putting the finishing highlights on another 2 at the moment.

Lovely little figures with very colourful uniforms on AB horses. I'm look forward to having these guys finished off!

I broke my own rule by starting a command figure before the troopers are finished. However it was nice to be distracted by this wee guy. The guidon isn't perfect but will do fine!

Happy Wargaming!

Monday 12 October 2015

West Highland Way

A few pics and a wee video from our mini adventure:

We set off from just outside Glasgow

My 2 brothers David and Jim

After a steady days walking we hit Conic Hill on the way to Balmaha

Coming down the other side was pretty rough in the rain however we managed it

Loch Lomond side was tough but lovely

Ever onwards

Rannoch Moor

Buachaille Etive Mor

The Kingshouse Hotel

Through the hills to Kinlochleven

Leaving Kinlochleven 

Almost finished, Ben Nevis in the background

All finished in the town centre 

Thursday 1 October 2015

BP Challenge WIP1

So the Black Powder Challenge has started over on YouTube and I've made a slow but steady start however I'm away for around 2 weeks in total so will fall behind with my goals. The challenge is over almost 3 months so I should have time to catch up?

 This is the 1st batch I'm working on, a wee commands for Russian and Prussia.

2 Russian command bases, 1 figure and all horses from AB and 3 Sho Boki Russian command figures. I've made a few small errors on the uniforms so please don't use them as a reference.

Lovely face sculpted by Sho Boki from his generals set.

A start on crazy Platen's trumpeter

And crazy Platen with his base coats done.

And the poor Polish uhlan smashed over the head.

That's me for the moment, happy wargaming!