Tuesday 26 November 2013

Craig's Prussian Dragoons

Everyone who follows my blog will be aware of the situation of our family in Tacloban. I have been trying to get my head straightened out with hobby, work and life related things instead of thinking to much about what has happened. Progress with my own troops has been painfully slow. However thankfully Craig has been able to paint up some new Prussian cavalry regiments and has put together a post to show how they turned out. They look top class to me!!!

Dragoon Brigade
As Paul has done such a cracking job with his dragoons, I thought I would share mine so you can see what second place looks like, or if not second place, what your average punter (as opposed to a Scottish miniature-painting grand master) can achieve. The cavalry reserve for Yorck’s Corps is composed of three brigades. The first brigade that I put together was the dragoon brigade, under Colonel Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck. The brigade is composed of two regiments, 1st West Prussian dragoons, and 3rd Lithuanian dragoons.

 Dragoon brigade
The brigade fought in a number of the major actions of the Autumn campaign: Katzbach; Goldberg; Wartenburg; and Leipzig. It was involved in some of the intense action around Goldberg in which it rescued elements of 8 Brigade which had been cut off by French cavalry and was withdrawing under heavy pressure.
During the 1812 campaign, two squadrons from each of these regiments were combined to form the 1st combined dragoon regiment which fought as part of Yorck’s Corps under McDonald on the northern flank of the Grande Armee’s advance. After the treaty of Tauroggen they were reformed as whole regiments and brigaded together under Yorck.
Lithuanian dragoons
The first AB cavalry I painted was the 3rd Lithuanian dragoon regiment. It wears the standard dragoon uniform of litewka (long coat) over grey overalls, with white belts and covered shako. Facing colour is red. The colour of the litewka was something I pondered for a while, as Osprey and other sources seemed to all differ slightly. I was not until I came across a photograph of some Prussian re-enactors and a picture of a museum exhibit that I plumped for the sky blue. I used a flat blue undercoat, with a deep blue mid-coat, highlighted with pale blue. I have been satisfied with the result.
Lithuanian dragoons close-up
Under the August 1813 orbat I am using, this is a pretty strong regiment, of 32 figures, in 4 squadrons of 8 figures each, plus a jager squadron of 8 figures. I have had some reasonable performances from this unit on the table, although like most Napoleonic cavalry they tend to have as much effect threatening to do something, as actually doing it. The commander, Major von Platen (nicknamed Crazy Platen) was made (more?) famous by the action of his bugler in dispatching a French cavalryman with his bugle. Paul has done a superb vignette of this.
As per the infantry, freiwillinge volunteer jager detachments were part of each regular unit, with the size varying according to the popularity of the regiment. The Lithuanian dragoons were reasonably popular, and so were able to field an entire squadron.

Lithuanian dragoon jager squadron
For each unit painted, I also provide a casualty marker in the appropriate uniform. Its presence adjacent to a unit means that the unit has taken casualties, and the casualty sheet should be checked before making calculations that include unit strength as a factor. 

Casualty marker
The second unit in the brigade 1st West Prussian dragoons. It wears the standard dragoon uniform with a mid-blue litewka faced white and covered shako. This unit is slightly weaker, at 24 figures, plus a single jager figure. This probably reflects that in August 1813 much of its recruiting areas in West Prussia were still under French control. This unit has also given good performance on the table, breaking an Italian square during a notable game in the back of Eureka Miniatures.
West Prussian dragoons
West Prussian dragoons close-up
The command stand that I have created for the brigade follows my practice of having a group which reflects the variety of units in the brigade. This group represents Oberst Graf Henckel von Donnersmark depicted using the AB Blucher figure suitably painted as a Prussian commander, an officer from 1st West Prussians, and a bugler from the Lithuanians.
Brigade command stand
Excellent Craig and I'm really looking forward to your next regiment. Something a wee bit special for us 1813 Prussian fans!

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Napoleonic Prints

I'm trying to get my head together a wee bit. Hoping the situation is stabilizing in Tacloban and the aid effort is kicking into gear despite the stupid political infighting! We have lost connection again and the UK News has somehow dropped the Tacloban story already??? I think this will be because of the amount of disasters that have happened all around the world? Our family had 2 weeks of food last time we spoke 2 days ago so as long as aid gets through soon they will be fine long term. I don't know how the aid will be distributed but we will instruct Mai's brother who is in the building trade to break down the cost and labour to rebuild the family homes lost in the Typhoon. I hope the government with international aid will help them rebuild as although we can help them with food, to build  all the houses again would be well out of our family budgets. However we will take it day by day.

I'm not sure if this will be much of interest to other gamers but I have picked up a load of prints from online for putting around my wargames den plus a drawing of Napoleon I picked up with my 1st wage packet many years ago. Genuine Meissonier I was assured?

Pavlov grenadiers being blessed before battle.
Battle of Smolensk

I would guess this would be the blessing before the battle of Borodino?
Possible the battle of Borodino?

I now know thanks to Andrew that this is the Saxon garde du corp at Borodino. Shows what I know I thought the cavalry shown were Russian cuirassiers!
and my Meisonier drawing

I hope it is original as the pencil work is stunning close in with a magnifying glass. There was a larger drawing of what scene I cannot remember but I didn't have enough from my 1st wage to buy it. If anyone knows any more info about the scenes above I would love to hear it.

Sunday 17 November 2013

Tacloban Typhoon 5

Hi guys,
This is the progress so far.

We got a call from Mai's sister for around 20 mins, (globe mobile)  Some of the family managed to do a 2 day trip (7 hour trip usually) to an area in samar that was less effected but still had black out etc. However they had a bank and places to buy food, huge waiting lines. They can only take 20,000ph pesos a day but was enough to buy 2 weeks for the family and neighbours. The local boys (who remain) have bonded well and any intruders to the neighbourhood are questioned. Any family hearing anything starts banging metal  on metal and the boys come running.

we also had a little delivery of goods from the convoy. Mai's choir friend Richie and his group travelled days to get there from Manila. Relief goods are still to get to them!!!

The plan is to get the women and children to the place where they bought the food as Jnette sourced a pension at a reasonable price. She said its like tacloban before yollanda. It's just to let them get their heads together. And once they are safe the boys are going to  volunteer their services in the clean up. They have no plans to leave. Their great grandfather was the 1st post war mayor.

We are taking it a day at a time. There is going to be a lot of hard times ahead. The kids now know that a lot of their school friends are gone. little Mary now 14 has lost her closest friend. They were always together, I always seen them jabbering together.

Our farm building survived the typhoon as it was newly built and of concrete. The roof blew off and was a little flooded but as it is 2 stores it didn't matter.

The 5 families who live in little huts on the farm were in the farm building on the night of yollanda so they are safe and obviously they can stay there until their homes are repaired and it is safe to do so.

it was posted 2 days ago that 90,000 have left
the city so who knows how many remain?

I think that's me for now. I think ill try and finish my landwegr cavalry to get my head together. The last 2 days has been a little calmer but want to hear the women and kids are safe away first. It sounds pretty clean cut but many of our family like the rest of the city face a pretty bleak future at the moment. We will try our best but there are 5 family homes gone and it was hard to make a living before the typhoon. We all know how corrupt the Philippines is and the political positioning  has started already. The boys will be straight and honest and will help where ever they can.


Thursday 14 November 2013

Tacloban Typhoon 4

you are amazing!!!

I'll try to put my words down right but to be honest all the support you have shown my wife and I, and the people of the Philippines has been overwhelming!!! I'm going to blubber like a big wean a wee bit and that doesn't look good on a 16 stone ex-rugby player.

anyway, I have received almost 200 emails, countless txts and calls from friends around the world who share figure painting, wargaming and modelling as or hobbies. I really don't know how to tell you how much this has meant to Mai and me.  i thank you so much.

The donations you guys have made will make a huge difference. I hope the guys that offered money to us direct do not feel offended that I didn't accept. I just felt the whole community of the Visayas would need it more at the moment as so many have lost everything. Their jobs, homes but most importantly their families.

Our family for the moment are hanging in there and I and my brothers, parents and Mai 's sister have that covered. We just hope the military will get to them soon as there have been a lot of bastards trying to get in at them at night (they think escaped/Freed prisoners?). During the day is fine but at night things become dangerous. The neighbours have banded together along with a local police officer to protect their families.

They are 20+ in a 1 storey spanish style house. The boys have patched the roof with anything they could find and supported the damaged wall with old tyres (Filipino ingenuity) .

We managed to get food through to them from manila but its running low and the kids are exhausted  and traumatized by what they have seen . we have  another convoy of family and friends coming down from manila. With enough supplies for a week  and should make it down tomorrow.

it was unbelievable to see the US and international troops and ships arrive in tacloban and hopefully they will advance into the city, when we explained to the guys the level of response from the world the could not take it in. They had no idea the whole city was down. The guys know that their houses are gone but they have still to learn that their places of work are washed away.

 The roads up to V&G are blocked by over turned houses, trees etc and the guys felt  cut off from the world. Globe mobile we love you. If not for you bad mistakes could have been made.

 it's a long way still to go however now that boots are on the ground hope has returned . Again I cannot thank you enough for all your support!!!

Also I'm sorry if I havent gotten back to everyone I have been a bit tied with the situation. up all night and day encase of a call. And our living room is like a military command centre with numbers and scribled options.

Our very Best
Paul and Mylene Provan

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Typhoon Appeal

Some of you have emailed and also left comments on how to send help to the people of the Philippines who have been hit by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). As you know our own family are in Tacloban. we have limited 2-3 minute contact with Mai's sister Jeanette each night as well as news from friends in the same situation as ourselves through Facebook, twitter etc. The only news channel we have seen that told the situation as it is on the ground is Channel 4 news. There are not enough planes getting in and there simply isn't the manpower on the ground.

I can tell you
that the aid is just simply not getting through yet!!!

The airport is to small for the level of support needed and more organisation plus boots on the ground are needed. Our hope for our family to get out has fell through for the moment and the food/water the neighbourhood is sharing is almost gone. There are so many people out in the weather with nothing but the clothes they had on their backs when the Typhoon hit. The kids are so disturbed I just cannot explain. There is such a smell of death all round.

We have hope that the US/UK ships and aircraft will be there soon and will be able to distribute the back log of aid that is sitting in Manila and Cebu, however they are not due to arrive till Friday!!! There is another storm headed over. It may actually provide mouthfuls of water for the victims.

I cannot stress how hard this has hit my family, friends and all the people from the affected areas of the Philippines. I'll try to explain: Although from what we can tell Mai's direct family survived the initial Typhoon, News continues to filter through of school and church friends and people Mai grew up with who did not make it or are on the missing list. Some of the family members of Mai's inlaws are also lost or missing. This is a disaster of biblical proportions for the people of the Visayas region of the Philippines. As well as the loss of loved ones the people of the region have watched their homes, places of work and town that they know and love be washed away.

If you can see it in your heart to make any donation however small to the below charity that we believe will orchestrate the none military relief effort please, please do (or to be honest any charity organisation you prefer/trust) The people who have survived are hanging on dearly to life at this time. We will be donating to this charity also and have sent over money to our families bank account encase they manage to make it out to one of the less effected areas and can access banks and shops, however at this moment that looks very, very unlikely. The air flights run only in daylight, the queue at the San Jose airport runs back into the town and today there was a stampede at the gates. They have stood for days now, politely asking for help. If you can picture the stream of napoleons army leaving Russia you will get the idea except the people on foot have nowhere to go.

When things are stabilised our family here in the UK will help our family and friend in the Philippines to rebuild their homes and lives but at the moment only the world organisations can save the living!!!

If you can spare some money please help:


Thanks you for taking the time to read this, I am sorry to ask for your help.

Our very best
Paul and Mylene Provan

Tacloban Typhoon 3

Well we have had a little contact from our family in the city and I can tell you that there are not enough boots on the ground yet and there just isn't enough food and water getting through.

The San Jose airport that is the main and only hub has very little aid in at the moment. Organization is very, very poor. The roads are obviously blocked by people trying to make it to the airport to escape.

There is a limited amount of flights each days but some survivors are getting out on the C130's that fly back to Manila and Cebu for more supplies. The flights stop through the night because of destroyed power on the ground.. There are a lot of dead but there are a lot of survivors to that need assistance.

Lets hope the international ships, carriers, troops and aircraft arrive soon and an start distribution as if not anarchy will eventually take control. At the moment there are many communities banding together however there are so many people who have lost everything, have had no food or water for 2-4 days that they are hunting for any food. God only knows what it must be like outwith the city. With an organised military and police presence and designated distribution points when air actually arrives things could be stabilized very quickly and then medical, shelters etc would be able to be brought in. There is a curfew in the city but life is very desperate as you can imagine.

I would guess that a ship will be placed off the shore of each effected area and then things will hopefully change.

There are some stupid things happening that should be controlled at a government level. The route to Manila is clear however is a long haul and  instead of a red eye military supply there appears to be as well as the needed aid workers and essential staff a flow of family members looking for loved ones. I totally understand this however any new none essential person is another mouth to feed. Some of Mai's friends who are nurses have headed for Manila and will enter with the aid convoys.

There is another smaller typhoon heading to the region tomorrow and more rain fell last night than on the evening of Typhoon.

Sorry for the bleak picture but this is the facts from down on the ground in Taloban. The city is gone, pretty much every building is gutted or washed out. The luckier families have structures no roof. My wifes family all left their houses for the old family home and have tried to put together a makeshift roof.

Thank you for your time,

1 extra point: (apparently, I'll withhold judgement on this) Philippine airlines were doing flights in and out and were ### charging for the flights out. All the millions of aid sent internationally and they are charging survivors!?!?!? if so they are a shower of of B's!!! (I'm sorry for the language) There are no points to access money even if the survivors had managed to hold onto their bank cards etc when they were swimming for their lives. Price 1800-2000 Philippine pesos has been said from our family within the city. The C130 were obviously not charging and
neither was Cebu Pacific. I think the US Marines are now administering the airport so I can see it only being aid /military flights.

There are lines of people stretching out from the airport. 

Monday 11 November 2013

Tacloban Typhoon 2

Mai's sister managed to get through to us on her mobile  from the family home after we called. They have managed to gather all the family together in the old family home in V and G subdivision.

Miraculously everyone of the family, aunts uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, husbands  wives, kids survived!!!

They have a little food/ water but it won't last another day. They are going to try and get to the airport for evacuation during the day as its under marshall law. People are trying to gain access to houses to look for food at night.

The airport will be overflowing but as far as we know it is the only point for the relief coming in. Its a small airport.

I'll keep posting if you don't mind.

Tacloban Typhoon 1

We are starting to get updates from tacloban through the limited media sources. Mai's cousin used her 3 minutes at city hall to contact her sister in manila.

From mai's immediate family miraculously her sister,  US husband Hal, 2 of her brothers and their wives and  all the kids are safe. Their area  was least hit. However the house lost the roof from a very strong house and the interior of the house is pretty much destroyed.

We also learned that Mai's other brother Alvin survived with his wife and 6 children plus her   aunt close by. No idea the state of their homes as the surrounding area was hit very badly. (just got news, the water filled the house to the 1st floor, thankfully they survived)!!!

Mai's remaining brother Raffy and family also survived. They live near down town and from photo's we seen the structures  were intact but there was a severe water surge and major temporary flooding up tintheir chests. Thank god the kids are all safe and throughout the family the kids are not so small now so can think fast for themselves. house is destroyed but they survived!!!

We still need to find out about many of mai's aunts and uncles, cousins and friends. No news from the farm but we know that Alvin told the families who live near by to stay in the farm house as it was the only concrete structure close by and has a water source a well pump outside, the buildings are not important, the people are important. as long as they survived.

There is a desperate need of food and water! desperate!!! The Philippines is a very unforgiving environment for a young fit man with enough food and water I can assure you, despite the challenges everyone faces.

Hopefully the troops are getting in now. And from around the  world supplies are arriving.   hopefully the  president, government etc accept they need help as any country would in a time like this. This is biblical in proportions.

   Mai is getting messages all the time of the scale of the deaths involved.  The whole of down town was washed away. mai's friend made it to manila and emailed that there are bodies literally every few metres on the way to the airport. Whole families wiped out.   We are constantly hearing from friends who have lost their loved ones.

There is nothing we can do at this moment, money is useless as there are no shops, no markets to buy from. The church groups and barangys  are coming together as best they can in the areas that survived. The poor, poor souls from the shore areas are really struggling. God help them.

When we can we will be sending over assistance for our family. We will also be looking into how to raise funds. I may be selling off my collection of napoleonics and pretty much whatever we can to help our family survive and rebuild.  we have as a group discussed helping collectively but we are not sure to trust the government with any founds raised. I'm Sorry to say it but any outside observer of Philippines politics will understand this.  we have put away a wee bit for a rainy day and that rainy day has come. 1st water, food, medical and shelter. Then we will help rebuild.

Thankyou everyone for your kind words of support. At this time it really means a lot. I think we have had maybe 4-5 hours sleep since Thursday evening , Friday morning. Mai smiled for the 1st  time this morning since Thursday night our chests feel like they are going to explode but we are safe in a warm house and have plenty of food and water here in Scotland.

Our thoughts are with everyone who has lost their loved ones and to the survivors with the challenges they now face.

My very, very best regards

Sunday 10 November 2013

Typhoon Latest

Thanks so much everyone,

I posted part of this post in the comments earlier:

So far we have Learned V&G phase 5 where Mai's sister and 2 of her brothers plus kids and more of the family were sheltered was least hit with no causualties. The 2 other family homes of her brothers we don't know yet but are away from the shore so we are remaining positive however Mai has many relatives in tacloban. So much great activity online sharing information of families and areas however the phone lines are still down. Scanning every video and photo looking for a familiar face.

Mai's aunt (83) and her family survived on the roof of their house just at the start of San Jose on the way to the airport. The area is devastated there, every house will be damaged in some way maybe totally across Tacloban and the surrounding areas.

I feel for the poor souls who have not survived and who have lost loved ones and so many have lost everything. Conflicting accounts of the aid effort. The main priority is to get food, water and shelter to everyone who has survived. The local authorities. Obviously struggled as the infrastructure collapsed and they are far to few in number. We have reports that in many areas the people are still without food and water.  We hope today now that more boots are on the ground and that more places will receive aid.  We got the feeling that the PH authorities were a little reluctant to say they needed outside help in a big way. CH4 news was negative about the amount of aircraft travelling from manila with aid.

Hopefully the international effort has begun today!!!  I want to also say as I did on Facebook that I feel desperate people with no food breaking into shops to get food and water for their families are not what I would call looters, money is useless and there is nowhere to obtain enough food to survive at the moment. If I was there myself any take away franchise/supermarket or mall would be my 1st stop. The Philippines sun is hard to take at any time but without water must be unbearable.

Again thanks for everyone's support and I'll keep you updated.
My very best

Friday 8 November 2013

Typhoon Haiyan Tacloban

Hellish, Hellish, 2 evenings.

The super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) hit the philippine city Tacloban and the Visayas region where my wife is from late last night.

We somehow managed to get through to Mai's home phone around 11pm (7am their time) last night. The roof of their home had been torn off in areas and her family were huddled in a room that still had a roof. Everyone was terrified as you can imagine. All the phones are down now and it is an agonizing wait. My wife has family all over Tacloban city.

Mai is listening to the DZMM live feed at the moment and the 1st Herc has just landed at the airport in San Jose. The runway is intact but the area is devastated and they have started to find some poor souls who have not survived.

If any of you guys are religious could you please say a prayer for the family of my wife and the people of the Philippines.


Wednesday 6 November 2013

Thuringian Battalion

I set this post in the page a couple of weeks ago.
While I have been slow to produce new troops Craig has sent me some pics of a really interesting battalion from his late Prussian army.

I'll let Craig explain the details . . .

Thuringian Battalion
An unusual unit that I have in my 1813 Prussian collection is the Thuringian Battalion, sometimes known as the 2nd Light Bn/ Lieb Regiment. My copies of Osprey, Smith, and Summerfield indicate that they were recruited from Duchal Saxon troops captured in May 1813 (in Saxe-Weimar), as well as other German deserters and POW. The text indicates that they wore a mix of (French style) uniforms, as well as Prussian and British uniforms and equipment. They also drilled according to the French regulations in which they had been trained, which meant an organisation of six companies rather than four. The battalion featured in all the major actions of Yorck’s Corps in the Autumn 1813 campaign in Germany, and according to most accounts, seems to have performed well.
Having played for some years against my mates JB and JP, both of whom have a predeliction for "exotic" troops, (as opposed to my army of Prussians in a consistent shade of dark blue and dark grey) I was tempted by the thought of some brighter colours in the unit. I decided upon 6 bases of 6, each with a couple of figures in the Prussian kollet with sky blue facings to reflect cadre or early recipients of the Prussian uniforms, and the remainder in the Duchal Saxon uniforms as later arrivals. I was concerned that it might look a bit too patchwork, or as someone warned,” if the companies are all different, it will just look like you’ve assembled a battalion from leftovers”.
The Osprey plate indicates a figure which looks reasonably Prussian, although the dark blue jacket is British in manufacture. That was easy enough to do with standard Prussian musketeer figures. My limited research for uniforms for the Duchal Saxons yield a mix of Green with yellow facings (Saxe-Weimar), and Blue with red facings (Saxe-Coburg, Saxe-Meningen and Saxe-Althausen). Some of the lads on the GdB siteb provided me with links to some really useful online sources
Here is one of the companies close up. Apart from the fellows in the Prussian issue uniforms, I have included a chap from Saxe-Weimar in the front rank, and two Saxons in the second rank.
Thuringian Hesse Anhalt
This company has included in the front rank a fusilier from Saxe-Meningen In the second rank you can glimpse a Schwarzburg regiment fusilier.
Thuringian Saxe-Meningen

This is how the whole battalion looks as one. I think the mix of uniforms looks ok, given that it has the consistency provided by the Prussian issued uniforms in each element. The officer figure and drummer are of course in Prussian issue uniforms. The battalion carried no colours.
Thuringian battalion

There are also figures representing uniforms from Lippe, Waldeck, and Hesse-Anhalt.
Thuringian battalion
And because they were used in Prussian service as light infantry, I have created a set of duplicate skirmish bases.
Skirmish line
Painting this unit posed some interesting questions, and has provided a more colourful addition to the mass of landwehr that is the dominant troop type in the 1813 Autumn Campaign orbat.

I think this is an excellent battalion and I may do something similar myself at some point to add a wee bit of interest to my Prussians army.

Monday 4 November 2013

Prussian WIP 4.11.13

It's been a funny few weeks with a couple of lows but thankfully some very nice highs to.

Today was my 1st full shift back at work and my leg feels fine plus it's nice to be back! The past 2 weeks I have been fazing back with half days in a day center and have really enjoyed the experience. I have also been melting into the local pool doing between 2 and 4 miles a week, not a huge amount but perfect for getting my leg moving again.
Hobby wise I had been pretty excited about an up coming interest. However it fell through before even getting started so I was left feeling a bit deflated. No matter worse things happen in the world and it's only toy soldiers. Thankfully I've had 2 great games that have picked me back up. If you follow my blog regularly you will have seen our wee Plancenoit game last week, well yesterday I was fortunate enough to be asked to take part in a Leipzig game at my buddy Roberts. I'll Post a report soon . . .
The 2 games have given me enough inspiration to pick up the brushes again. I started this 2nd battalion of landwehr but I could tell a block was coming because I started jumping around nations and units.
 Anyway they are now well on the way with a few more figures almost finished.
I also started on a zimmerman using the French sapper. I figured landwehr troops would use any kit they could get their hands on so a captured French pack and greatcoat would work well. Sorry about the grainy pics!

I changed some of the detail to make him look less French. This is the drinking container, side bag and Litewka in WIP, they are much larger and better defined now. 

I also added a beard, The shape of this figure works well with a beard as the length of the body and head sitting on the collar can make the neck seem as if it is to long. I found this out when doing my Saxon sappers.  A beard appears to bring everything together? I have another 5 or 6 of these to do at some point!

I mounted this trio up even though the trumpeter is only base coated basically because I was struggling to finish them. When I get stuff to this stage all I really need is a wee bit of inspiration and I'll get them finished off. I have a few other commands in a similar state lying around.

Again I started this regiment off a wee while back and started to struggle with them because I had done 3 regiments of cavalry on the trot (sorry!!!). I am now well over half roads with them and I am aiming to finish them by the end of November. We will see!!!

I also decided to get the rest of my Prussian artillery based up. This is the follow up set to the battery I did a few months ago. I will be following the same painting process I did with the 1st lot and then they will be mixed together to give more variety in the 2 batteries. Again I apologize if the crew positions are off, I searched on line and could not for the life of me find a reference for them.
Here is a horse battery I have been working on and it is very close to being finished now. I took 2 Russian 6 gun batteries to the same stage as these and they are just waiting for my next jump! So that is basically what I have been working on during the odd free hour or 2.

I want to say a big thank you to Dirk from Germany who contacted me regarding some 15mm troops he was selling off and good luck with his new 28mm Napoleonic adventure . . .

Happy wargaming!!!