Wednesday 23 April 2014

Von Wrede 1812-14

And so a little commission . . . I exchanged a few emails a wee while back with my friend and fellow blogger Ken in regards to a Bavarian project he was working on for 1814. It just so happened I had started a similar project that had hit the breaks when I realised how many Russians and Prussians I would need to paint up to face my brother and nephew.

  A little while later the typhoon hit as you will know from my previous posts so I was looking for ways to make a little extra cash. I took on this command base as an experiment to see if there was any point in doing painting commissions to raise cash? I have to say even with Ken being very generous, with the time it takes to convert and paint figures I have no idea how the painting companies based in the UK do it! I am a very slow painter as you will know and for myself I believe it is much easier to take the odd extra shift at work so for now probably my 1 and only commission. Also I find it very difficult to part with my own work!
Ken planned on a command base with Von Wrede in 1814 and a couple of hangers on. I think I used the 1806 AB Prussian command set for these guys? Wrede has had his hat pinned in the forward position that appears to be the late war style plus silver braid added to his chest, collar and Bavarian emblems added to his hat . He is taken from a painting I found on line however I left off the chest sash due to the arm position and also the size (Ken I hope you don't mind that?)
The 2 chaps with him are a cavalry ADC and staff officer.
I didn't find much info on the uniforms however there are a good few pictures and figures around to compare with, most however are in the 1809 uniform. Just a little bit of work on the upper lapels and a couple of buttons added to the ADC.
The staff officer was a little bit of a pickler as I had to add the litzen style lace to his lapels and cuffs and also reshape the lapels as well.  I added the detail to his hat and his saddle was a mess so needed sorting. The main bother with this guy was the colour of the uniform as some sources show him with black lapels with red edging and also the saddle with silver fringe. I went for what I felt looked right (again Ken, I hope you are cool with that? Bavarians are fun to research!!!). The eyes on the figures came out well as did the Bavarian blue that I held back from being to light. I had intended to have this set on a 4 figure base with a Bavarian cavalryman guarding the high flyer's but I think it works well as a 3?

So in a day or 2 I will wave good bye to them for the last time and keep the pics as a reference for my own future Bavarian project . . .

Swings and roundabouts: So now onto troops I will keep myself, my French guard chasseur a cheval. I purchased most of these from John a few weeks back and have finally got them based.
Only 8 out of 12 to go to make the 40!!! 
And here they are in their scruffy half painted state! I'm slowly finding nice Vallejo shades for horses to. Once I finish this post i'll get stuck into the 1st 4 troopers!
And the little/big chap is on the horizon to. I am contemplating a double command base that can be for display and gaming, a base within a base. Not 100% my idea as a guy on TMP did it 1st. All I have to do is get a hold of Martin of warbases at Falkirk in May to see what he can do. Also I don't intend it to be as flat as this, fingers crossed it comes out well!
Finally this morning the last of our 9 boxes left on their way to our family in the Philippines. They are jam packed with food and clothes however this time it will be mostly given to the people down my the coast who lost everything as our family are slowly getting back on their feet and the farm has had a harvest and is planted again so fingers crossed!!!
Thanks again to everyone for their support over this passed few months, happy painting!!!

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Craig's Prussian 1st Brigade

My friend Craig from Oz sent me over the post below in February to help me out with the odd post while I was short of time due to overdoing it with extra shifts to help our family in the Phils. Unfortunately as it turned out I was to busy even to set the post at the time. Thankfully I am now slowing down with the extra shifts so here it is.

So less of my waffling and over to Craig . . .
1st brigade
The second brigade (division equivalent) of 1st Korps I created for the 1813 autumn campaign was the 1st brigade. It fought in most of the major actions of the autumn campaign: Katzbach; Goldberg; Wartenburg; and Leipzig. The brigade was composed of the grenadier battalions of 4 regiments (Lieb, 1st East Prussian, Silesian, and West Prussian) supplemented by two companies of East Prussian jager, and a couple of the ubiquitous Silesian landwehr regiments (5th and 13th). Comprising such high quality units (landwehr aside) it is little wonder that they became the shock brigade of Yorck’s 1st Corps. Seizing bridgeheads, assaulting towns, plugging gaps in the line – 1st brigade seems to have been the “go-to” brigade for critical tasks. I chose this brigade because of the presence of the grenadier battalions which sounded somewhat macho, and the East Prussian jager, which sounded like a smart unit. It had the standard 6lb artillery battery in support.
6lb foot Artillery battery No.2
2nd Lieb hussar regiment
The brigade also fields the Lieb hussars, with their Totenkopf (Death’s Head) painted on the shako cover. The Lieb hussar regiment with their Totenkopf badge on the shako is an iconic Prussian unit. Because of the size of the unit (32 figs + 7 jager) I can regularly split it into two half regiments, which is consistent with Prussian (plus Austrian and Russian) practise of the time. The 1808 regulations describe such employment. For variety, I elected to do half the regiment in full-on charge poses (a la Katzbach and Mockern), and the other half in the more relaxed pose.
Lieb hussars 1st and 3rd jager sqns
Lieb hussars 2nd and 4th sqns
Of course having it as two half regiments requires an additional command stand to manage both wings.
Hussar command
This unit was one of my first attempts at using Army Painter matt varnish. The figures had already been lacquered, and I sprayed them some years after with Army Painter. My technique has improved somewhat since then, but it shows the beading and greying effect it can have when not used well.
I painted these figures back in 2006-2007. Back then I used a standard layered block painting style over a black undercoat of enamel spray. Highlight is limited to faces. A bit heavy in some parts, making them look like they have applied zinc cream to avoid sunburn. Painting gear remains 0 through to 000 brushes, Vallejo colours almost exclusively, all targeted using the Mk I eyeball.
The Vanguard brigade that I deploy for 1st brigade has the Lieb grenadier battalion, 2 companies of the East Prussian jager battalion, II/5th and IV/13th Silesian LWIR. As discussed previously, these lads were leading the way, or covering the withdrawal, depending upon the week.

Vanguard deployed

An interesting aside – in the first game I fielded this vanguard, my opponent (the ubiquitous JP) thought to launch a charge into my brigade with a single battalion of his infantry. Looking at the brigade deployed – which to you seems to be 2nd line or conscript troops, and which might just possibly be something a bit more steady? Apparently it was not as obvious as it is to me. JP’s bog-standard Ligne battalion crashed into my elite Lieb grenadier battalion and it was duly routed. I have been taunted about my army of Prussian supermen ever since – notwithstanding that half my Corps is landwehr.

Lieb grenadier battalion
As almost every wargamer of the period knows, Prussian regiments post 1808 reforms were composed of a couple of musketeer battalions, a fusilier battalion, and a couple of companies of grenadiers. The grenadiers would be paired with the two companies of grenadiers from another regiment to form a grenadier battalion. The Lieb grenadier battalion was formed from the grenadiers of the 1st and 2nd Lieb regiments (which was also the Brandenburg regiment IR12). Accordingly, the battalion sports poppy red facings, but the grenadiers from the 1st regiment have the white shoulder straps of the 1st regiment, and the grenadiers from the 2nd regiment have red shoulder straps as worn by their regiment’s official uniform (IR12 being a former reserve regiment). In addition, many line units were able to attract freiwillinge jager - volunteers who were attached to the regiment, and served as light infantry. Usually these get represented by 2-5 figures, depending upon the popularity of the regiment. The Lieb regiment, being somewhat fashionable has 9 additional jager figures to serve as skirmishers. It was on the basis of the high number of jager attached to the battalion that I selected it for the vanguard. These are almost all AB, but the mounted officer figure is Fantassin.
II/5th Silesian LWIR
The third unit in the vanguard is II/5th Silesian LWIR. It wears the standard landwehr uniform of dark blue litewka (long jacket) and schmirtze (peaked cap) with facings in the provincial colour, which is yellow for Silesia. The shoulder straps are red as it is the second battalion in the regiment. The battalion is also known as Battalion Mumm – after its commander, Major Mumm. I chose to do this battalion in firing positions, but with the ability to deploy it in either a firing line, or as a column of divisions, with only 2 companies abreast. For that reason I chose to do two stands in advancing poses, as they look like they are almost ready to fire, and one each in the loading and firing poses.
IV/13th Silesian LWIR
The third unit in the vanguard IV/13th Silesian LWIR. The shoulder straps are light blue as it is the fourth battalion in the regiment. The battalion is also known as Battalion Martitz – after its commander, Major Martitz. I purchased this unit already painted by a Hong Kong service provider. I figure that with 24 x 32 figure battalions of Silesian landwehr to paint, I am entitled to outsource some small part of it. Whether I retire it and paint another one myself, is something to think about another time.
East Prussian jager battalion
Another interesting unit in the brigade is the East Prussian jager battalion. Raised specifically as a battalion of sharpshooters and skirmishers, they wore the holly green that is commonly associated with light infantry. As with other light troops, I have created duplicate skirmishing bases.

The command stand that I have created for the vanguard follows my practise of having a group which reflects the variety of units in the brigade. For brigade level commands this means two mounted figures, and two foot figures. This group represents Oberst von Losthin, commander of the 2nd Landwehr brigade (5th and 13th Silesian LWIR) who I have decided would be an appropriate commander of the vanguard brigade. He is accompanied by another mounted officer wearing the regulation kollett in holly green, with the orange-red facings of the East Prussian jager battalion. The two figures on foot represent an officer and jager from the Lieb grenadier battalion. Sometimes the dark green and the very dark blue can be difficult to distinguish.
Command stand
Excellent troops Craig and a really interesting read. Great to know the amount of thought you put into building your armies!

Thursday 3 April 2014

Von Lutzow WIP 2

I hope I'm not boring anyone with these conversion updates as opposed to painted figures? I am glad to say that the Von Lutzow Freicorp figures are now finished and I can move onto other projects.
The figures are the AB landwehr figures with head swaps of shako'd heads. I think this worked really well but was pretty time consuming. Craig suggested the British trotter back pack which will make them exclusively 1813 I believe? This gives you the chance to mount the greatcoat/bedroll? on top of the pack giving a very unique look to go along with the all black uniform. These guys will look very dark and moody on the table!!!
I copied the back pack from the AB Peninsular Brits so fingers crossed I did a good job. I had to file down a lot of sacks on the figure and although time consuming I think the finished result works well? Their were a few figures with axes so tried to convert them into the fusilier type sword with strap added where possible. Hopefully this works well. We figured as they are Freicorp they would have a mix of kit anyway so if you see any glaring errors I apologise!
Some of the figures needed less work than others and kept their original back packs for some variety.
A lot of the muskets were missing slings so I added them with either procreate or green stuff. I don't think the VL carried a flag of any type but mine may?
In the front rank you can see poor Eleanora Prochaska becoming a casualty. this was a landwehr casualty heavily converted with drum added (my 1st drum, pretty tricky but looks no bad?). The most difficult bit was doing the chest strap. I had to do a fair bit of sanding to make space for it but I think it worked well. Good fun learning the stages needed to complete each item of equipment.
So now to finish off the Bavarian command stand for my buddy Ken. This will be Wrede with an ADC and Staff officer. These are old conversions I did a few years back. The Staff officer needs some more detail added. I'll post pics when the are finished . . .
sorry forgot to add in a link to Malc's charity fund raising for stroke Association over on 10 figures a week. I still need to get over and donate myself but will get to it once things slow a wee bit. A great cause!!!
. . . Happy wargaming!!!