Monday 13 February 2017

French Artillery

I'm still a bit slow on my updates although I'm busy painting away. I have completed a couple of no frills French artillery batteries.

They were repainted from figures I'd picked up over the years. Pretty much total repaints to be honest.

I used Andrea paints for the blues and they worked really well. I describe them in the wee video I did. I left out a highlight on the guard horse artillery to see how much of a difference it made and in 18mm not much.

I'm glad to get these wee guys out the way. I had them sitting around staring at me from the workbench for a good while.

Just a little flirtation with my French army as I've moved back to Prussians. The Falkirk lads are planning on Waterloo again this year so I'm using the event as motivation. 

Still pretty happy with these wee guys. The braid came out fine and the overall effect on the base looks cool with flowers etc.

I'll try and get another post up soon. I've finished a landwehr battalion and I'm onto a 2nd and final silesian landwehr battalion.

Happy Wargaming!