Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Saxon Niesemeuchel Battalion Finished

I managed to finish off my 2nd battalion of Niesemeuchel for the 1812-13 period!

I really enjoyed painting these guys and have moved onto a combined grenadier battalion for 1813.

I thought the pics came out a lot better than they appear so will probably swap new ones in at a later date.

Figures are from AB with a couple of conversions.

The flag is from fighting 15's and is very nice, finishing off the battalion well.

I've added in my usual summer mix static grass plus flowers and tufts from Silfor.

I have the artillery bases finished off but I will show them when the guns are finished.

So onto the next battalion . . .

happy wargaming!!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Saxon Infantry WIP2

I completed my Saxon artillery crews recently and only have the guns to finish however I didn't want to break my painting buzz for the moment so I've continued on painting my Saxon infantry. When I started the infantry again I just cracked on and didn't check my references properly and went for an attractive red faced battalion Niesemeuchel. As soon as I painted my 1st few up I realised they didn't see much action as part of the Saxon brigades in either 1812 or 1813. What can you do? Ah well they look pretty and a Saxon is a Saxon as I always say!!!

Anyway I've continued on with them . . .

The figures as usual for AB are lovely sculpts however I have to say I had a terrible time cleaning them up, there seemed to be little pieces of tough excess metal all over them, in the gaps between the bedrolls, in the undercuts of ammo box, around the gaiters and worst of all around the front and rear of arms and under hands badly obscuring detail. I let fighting15's know about a number of the problems when I got my last order of Saxons and I chose to keep them as I didn't want to send the problem figures back in case I lost the variety of poses. Ian said he would have a look at the moulds the next time he casts them. However I didn't realise there was so many problems thoughtout the other figures I had purchased previously until I started cleaning them up, it's a shame as the AB Saxons are lovely figures.

Anyway, I've pushed ahead and have really enjoyed painting them adding grey overalls to some and I also tried to create a yellowish tint to the uniform of many, similar to what is shown on reenactors uniforms.

So with the grey overalls and the variation of yellowed whites the battalion is starting to take shape and all the troopers are now finished.

So all I need to do now are the command figures.

I hope everyone is getting plenty figures painted And or the odd Wargame in?

Happy Wargaming!