Monday 31 October 2016

Saxon Von Polenz

Sorry for the lack of updates, I kinda lost the passion for blogging as I don't really have the time to type posts as well as paint so the posts has given way a bit. I do try to keep up with everyone's blogs but I miss a lot. It's maybe also the success of blogs as there are so many excellent blogs to keep track of now. 

I did manage to get a unit finished recently, my Saxon von Polenz cavalry regiment that I started a good while ago and have stop started a few times. I have lost the love for  them a few times which is unfortunate as it's not a difficult uniform to paint. 

The figures are from AB and are lovely however I have to say were a real challenge to clean and continued to be.

However they are done now and look good based up. 

The von Polenz regiment is a very pretty 1, along the lines of the fancy pants French with the wolves teeth saddle of early Prussians or Russians. Very colourfully yet simple at the same time. 

This will be 1 of 3 Saxon light cavalry regiments I'll be doing. the hussars will be next although again looking at the figures I'm put off by the amount of clean up needed around the legs and saddle.

I've been considering dropping some detail work on my painting as on the tabletop it just isn't seen. I'll be having a good think about it as I would like to add a lot more painted figures to my collection over the years.

Anyway that's them done, another 1 ticked off and I'm pleased how they came out in the end.

Hope everyone is enjoying their current projects and hopefully get something else painted up in November. 

Happy Wargaming!!!