Sunday, 25 November 2012

Subbuteo Spectators

This is the reason I haven't painted any naps over the past couple of months. 
Loads of Subbuteo spectators for a friend in Italy painted as Roma fans.

They are now finished and this is the last lot I will be doing.
Hundreds of the **** things!

And back to naps I go. 
Getting into the rebasing at the moment so hopefully I'll get some finished by the new year.
So for now I'm waving bye, bye to these little guys.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Prussians

The past couple of months have been a wee bit of a challenge, life stuff has jumped up and took a nibble out of our bum. However hopefully things are starting to take a more normal shape now. Good news Mai is doing well and is back to her grumpy self.

 In amongst everything I scunnered my free time by painting a large amount of subbuteo spectators for a guy in Italy (totally killed my figure painting and it will be the last time).
Thankfully recently to counter my lack of painting I picked up a Prussian army of 8-9 battalions of Prussians as well as extras from Darren. I decided a while back that I wouldn't be buying any more painted figures because of a few let downs through ebay however the pics Darren sent up of his troops looked great.  
And they are brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darren has done a great job and his painting style is pretty much the same as my own so the figures will slip right in with my own battalions.
Darren also covered units I have not completed myself so all I really need to do is rebase the troops.
All the figures are AB so again fit in well with my plans.
So a whole lot of rebasing and the odd facing colour change and my Prussians will grow to 19-20 battalions. thanks a million to Darren for the figures, they will be well used.
The landwehr are my favourite and I have started to rebase them already.
And Austrians!!! even more brilliant, again they will slip in with my AB Austrians that I still have to paint.