Wednesday 21 December 2016

French Line Battalions : No Frills

Recently I started a little project to get some battalions added to my collection quickly. Over the years while adding to my lead mountain I've picked up a lot of loose part painted figures from friends and fellow gamers who have for whatever reason decided not to continue with their 15mm Naps. Previousl I would trade them away for unpainted lead, however I have now decided to speed paint them up and force them into my own armies. 

1st up are 2 battalions of French in advancing poses. They have been cleaned up with scalpel and files to the best I could manage and have been given a no frills paint job.

I have a few more videos of the process on YouTube if anyone is interested. These 2 were finished in 3 weeks so I'm very happy with them!

As the troops are from different collections they were pretty much repainted so they matched each other and my own collection. I have dropped a few highlights and no buttons were painted but despite the short cuts they have come out pretty nice and on the table who will notice?

I threw a few casualties into the mix to give them a hard fighting look. And plenty of overalls plus ticking material was blocked in.

So not the cleanest looking battalions but I'm chuffed they are ticked off my "to do" list!!!

This may well be my last post of 2016. I hope you are all enjoying our hobby and thanks to everyone who has dropped by to have a look or left a comment!!

Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2017!!!