Tuesday 31 July 2012

Austrian IR 54 Froon

It would seem that it isn't just Cameron and myself who are working through BH Austrians at the moment. Turns out my buddy Robert is finishing off some of his Austrian lead pile too.
This is his 1st effort with Army Painter dark tone (he is apparently not convinced yet).
I think they are nice, an extra light highlight would have really brought them to life but Robert said he just wanted them finished. I have been battering through my Austrian artillery battery a Hungarian infantry battalion and also a Grenz battalion. I'll post some pics soon.

I am kicking the Sh**e out of myself for spending my whole life brush painting my undercoats. Since spray undercoating in white for the infantry and black for the grenz I have saved many, many, many hours. Many tears have been shed over those lost hours and more will come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will endeavour to convince my brother, nephew and friends to stop brushing on undercoat as it is just a complete waste of time!!!!!!!!!! No smoother finish and you can always cover the wee area you missed after. Sure the Manufacturer will charge you and arm a leg and yer left bollock for that tiny can but when you can spray a 48 man battalion skull white and can continue painting in 2 hours who cares?

Monday 23 July 2012

Austrian Artillery WIP1

My buddy Cameron and I have started our Austrian armies. The figures are from Battle Honours and this is (hopefully) going to be a fast army for me, no buttons, no frills. I have chosen to do hungarians for the most part as I lived for a short time in a part of old Hungary so the blue strides appeal to me. This is Camerons 1st venture into Naps and his progress can be seen over at his blog: Braidwood Wargamings.
Cameron picked up some artillery from another friend so I thought I would get mine done too. We bought our figures from Timecast with the 20% off deal last month. Great service from the lads at Timecast, a couple of items to follow (including Generals that I plan to use for La Bricole painting comp).
The artillery figures are nice but basic and the casting is not so crisp in areas and are pretty small. I am thinking the moulds have been used a lot? However they will do me fine. Easy enough to paint and I have blocked the colours in ready for army painter when the sand is sealed and dry.

Austrian guns, I have seen in so many shades from bright yellow to dark ochre. I went for GW Ochre and will add a little white for the highlight. Still a little bit to do but should paint up smooth enough.
 So a new competition has started over at La Bricole. If you haven't visited the forum take a look as it is a very friendly and helpful group of Napoleonic figure painters.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Bavarian 5th Light

A little surprise tonight, as a change to my current Russian 1812-13 project I thought it was about time I got this particular monkey off my back. RTL I am sure you will be glad to see I finally finished them off!!! I started them way before I started using Army Painter so this is my old style of painting I am afraid.
I started these guys a long, long time ago and tried to get a feel of a firing line with them. I am not totally sure it worked as they look a little bare in areas?
I have forgotten how many conversions are in this lot? from what I remember the mounted officer was a Saxon, the hornist was a casualty and the 2 man casualty team were Austrians. If I do another light battalion I will include all 36 figures in the battalion to fill up the spaces.
The sappeur is from Fantassin as AB don't have 1 and I didn't fancy converting him.
A bit of a rush job to finish them off but they are done and look not bad in the end.
I really like the officer casualty, loads of life (pardon the pun) for such small figures.
Pretty happy with the hornist as the cord and horn were quite tricky to do.
Oh and the 2 Bavarian beers were great ;0)

Saturday 7 July 2012

1 Command, 1 Beer!!!

Got my wee Cuirassier command base completed, not super duper however completed and will do me fine.
The officer in the middle is a spare Bagration figure with a new hat and sword with saddle cover added out of green stuff. I had to redo the chest of the figure after adding a cuirass and then taking it off again (daft I know!).
The trumpeter turned out not bad but was tricky to clean up after the Army Painter was applied especially the chevrons.
I'm happy how the wee AB French casualty turned out and the gun is a spare that I probably wouldn't have used.
All in all a nice command base and I now wish I had added casualties to my other command bases.
I will have to apply more varnish to a couple of areas that are still a little shiny.
So what next? More commands, more troops, artillery? I have some figures almost finished that I think I will complete as I haven't got much time to do a full unit from scratch at the moment.
My buddy Cameron and I are planning on doing an Austrian army in 15mm mostly with Battle Honours and AB figures. I remembered I had some old 25mm Austrians kicking around so I looked them out for future reference.
 Got my Russian beer!!! Yeah!!!

Sunday 1 July 2012

Cuirassier Command WIP

Nothing much to show for the moment. I had the weekend off and could have spent a few hours painting however as the wife and I only have 1 weekend off in 3 together the paint pot lids remained on. Last week I managed to get my Russian cuirassier base to the AP stage (they are now AP'd and awaiting completion).
The wife and I have been having a wee think on life as we are both around the 40 mark. I have put a lot of weight on over the past few years and the wife also has become a little chunky (it's ok she won't be reading this ;0). My weight gain stems from almost no exercise, eating far to much and of course to much alcohol!
So we have put our heads together to find solutions to get a little healthier etc, etc.
I thought you might be interested in my own quest as my wee men will be playing a part.
I've come up with a scheme to cut back on alcohol and from tomorrow it will come into effect (I have 3 beers left to finish off the football extravaganza, well done to Spain!!!).
My idea is a sort of barter/exchange scheme, as anyone reading my blog over the past couple of years will know I can be a very slow painter.
So here is how it will go.
If I complete a command base I will be aloud 1 beer.
If I complete a 32/36 man battalion I will be allowed 2 beers.
If I compete a cavalry regiment I will be aloud 3 beers.
Artillery and limbers are classed as 2 beers also.

For interest I will be drinking beers from the Countries my units come from more or less so any sugguestions are most welcome. (hopefully the beers will be available in either Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or Aldi etc).
Russia (well I already enjoy Baltica)
Bavaria (Suggestions???)
Prussia (Suggestions???)
Saxony (Suggestions???)
 Austria (I will be most probably drinking Czech beers).
France (I will maybe drink some red wine).
Let me know what you think!