Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cuirassier Command WIP

Nothing much to show for the moment. I had the weekend off and could have spent a few hours painting however as the wife and I only have 1 weekend off in 3 together the paint pot lids remained on. Last week I managed to get my Russian cuirassier base to the AP stage (they are now AP'd and awaiting completion).
The wife and I have been having a wee think on life as we are both around the 40 mark. I have put a lot of weight on over the past few years and the wife also has become a little chunky (it's ok she won't be reading this ;0). My weight gain stems from almost no exercise, eating far to much and of course to much alcohol!
So we have put our heads together to find solutions to get a little healthier etc, etc.
I thought you might be interested in my own quest as my wee men will be playing a part.
I've come up with a scheme to cut back on alcohol and from tomorrow it will come into effect (I have 3 beers left to finish off the football extravaganza, well done to Spain!!!).
My idea is a sort of barter/exchange scheme, as anyone reading my blog over the past couple of years will know I can be a very slow painter.
So here is how it will go.
If I complete a command base I will be aloud 1 beer.
If I complete a 32/36 man battalion I will be allowed 2 beers.
If I compete a cavalry regiment I will be aloud 3 beers.
Artillery and limbers are classed as 2 beers also.

For interest I will be drinking beers from the Countries my units come from more or less so any sugguestions are most welcome. (hopefully the beers will be available in either Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or Aldi etc).
Russia (well I already enjoy Baltica)
Bavaria (Suggestions???)
Prussia (Suggestions???)
Saxony (Suggestions???)
 Austria (I will be most probably drinking Czech beers).
France (I will maybe drink some red wine).
Let me know what you think!


Rosbif said...

I predict that your painting output will increase exponentially! Beeeer!

Your command stands are coming along nicely, Paul.

paulalba said...

LOL, 1 can only hope Rosbif, 1 can only hope!!!

look at me using the queens English since the Jubilee celebrations ;0)

LittleArmies said...

If I adopted that scheme I'd die of thirst!

Good luck - but surely a battalion of French Line Infantry or whatever takes rather more effort than a command stand - and hence deserve more beers?

The command stands you are working on look great by the way.

Dave said...

I suffer from the same maladies. Almost 40 and weight problems. Weight problems form too much beer (its the calories of course).

I wish I could convince my wife to have an exchange. Paint so many figures to equal one beer, either way I would be a winner!

John (Von Blucher) said...

Command stand looks very good so far. Too bad you started this one before the competition started on La Bricole. It has the look of being a show stopper when completed.

I gave up beer years ago to get back into fighting shape. So I can't help you there.

I only drink wine and when work drives me crazy, I pull out a bottle of Cognac.

Gonsalvo said...

Command base is coming along nicely - have a beer for me (no loss, as I don't particularly care for beer - other forms of alcohol are another natter, though!)

In all seriousness, I think you should change the reward system to an exercise based one. If we get you (and all of us, for that matter) to start exercising regularly, working up to about 30 minutes 4 times a week, you'll live longer and better and likely feel better as well. I started about 5 years ago when my BP started getting high and I knew I was getting too darned fat. I'd always avoided it as much as I could, even back in HS, LOL. BP is now normal, weight down 20 pounds, and still at it. Helps that my wife started first, and we usually do it together on weekends. OK, I'll turn my Doc mode off now! :-)

Der Feldmarschall said...

Yes we all share in the "greatness" of the Emperor in that we all start to swell in our 30s as well. At 40, I'm right there with you. The solution is easy (eat less, exercise more), but the execution is so much harder.

Good luck!

DeanM said...

Good looking minis - keep up the great work and rewards. Dean

Phil said...

Hi Paul,
Command bases are looking very nice, keep the good work.
And you know, red wine is sometimes succulent!

Stryker said...

Great looking figures as always Paul.

Try drinking whisky (much fewer calories) and get a dog so you have to go out each day. A Jack Russell is best because they want to walk forever!


Rodger said...

Wonderful work on the figures. Good luck with the rewards.

Blancard said...

just avoid Bavaria beer for the Bavarian troops...! :)

Ken said...

Excellent command base, the smased cannon makes a nice effect - good idea about the rewards system but can you paint when under the influence???


Ray Rousell said...

I too suffer from this affliction!! I've even been going on the wife's exercise bike to try and have a go and get rid of this large squishy lump that used to be my belly!!

paulalba said...

Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

It sounds like I am not alone in my fight against obesity!!!

The battle has already begun ;0)
I will fill you in on my progress.

DaveD said...

mmmm... beer

not too many or you won;t be able to paint!

The Angry Lurker said...

What a great idea and incentive, good luck my friend....