Sunday 26 June 2011

Napoleon and Chums

Like many I have been having a hard time with blogger to the point I was just going to give up on it. I have followed all the advice fellow bloggers have given me but still I cannot post comments on others blogs. huff! And there are loads I would like to comment on! Also it seems that my followers have disappeared from the screen?

Anyway I have been working all weekend and I have a short break this evening before starting back shift again tomorrow. I didn't plan on painting until my wife mentioned that I hadn't painted anything in a good while. Since we've been away in the Philippines my brother David has been rattling through his Perry French (3 battalions and 3 guns plus crew finished and they look cracking) and he was telling me the other night on the phone that he had ordered up a howitzer, limber and a few command sets (1 of which was Napoleon). He wasn't sure about having a go at Napoleon yet and I said I would give him a go.

So over dinner Mai produced a little black box with the above Perry figures that David had passed onto her the other night while she was visiting . Mai suggested I chill out with a glass of red and get my paints out (I love my wife :-) So for the 1st time since we got back I got stuck in. Gave the figures a fast clean up and glued them onto some bases, blackened them up and blocked in some colours. I have only spent 2 hours on painting them so far as I want to knock them together pretty quick and I'm glad to say I'm really enjoying them. The camera hasn't picked up the shades great but they are there. In closer inspection I could have spent a bit more time on the clean up but I am sure David will be pleased with them when they are done. Hope I don't upset anyone here but I have to say I am finding the 28mm Naps much easier to detail and also faster to paint than 15mm AB figures.

I'll just add they have given me the chance to try out some Foundry flesh I picked up at the Falkirk show. I used the native American tones mid and light with a final bit of white added to the light for the highlight. I must say I am very happy with them so far

(cheers for the tip R)

Friday 10 June 2011

Philippines 1

Well sadly that's us back from the philippines and back to work, the 3 weeks disappeared fast but thankfully we got the chance to have some fun!

The last time I was over was 2006 and the kids are all growing up fast.

We planned to go later in the year but Jim and Mina (already married almost 2 years ago!) decided to have their church wedding in May and as best man I had to be there. Try making a full room of Filipinos laugh at your best man speech when you have a thick Scottish accent! (I'm sure everyone in the room had a strong grasp of English but I do not!!!)

And the picture that proves that not only am I younger and better looking than my wife,
I'm also a better dancer ;-)

The Santa Cruz de Mayo, A religious celebration held each night during the month of May for the children of each barangy (mini council area).

This is my goddaughter Angel, the last time I saw her she was a baby and now she speaks perfect English (favourite fraze "Smack Down"). The kids watch far to much wrestling!!!

Some boating fun down at Raphaels Farm (our new neighbour).

Marky challenged me to a sumo fight off (I kicked his ass!!)

We didn't have much rain but when it did rain WOW!!!
This is a world famous Jeepney.

We also made some new friends on our travels.
This is Colin and Delia (lovely people) with Jim, Mina, Mylene and myself.

Roger as I know you love cats this 1 is for you buddy, When we were sitting in the garden late at night enjoying our chilled beers little visitors would drop by from time to time.