Thursday 31 January 2013

Prussian WIP 31.1.13

Again sorry for the delay in updates, I have 3 battle reports to upload however I have pleasantly been working my way through plenty of troops this month and since I have the painting bug I decided to keep on painting and will do the basing later.
So far I have pretty much completed a foot battalion and a kurassier regiment as well as continuing re-basing  the figures I picked up from Darren. 
1st up I managed to knock out a Silesian landwehr battalion ready for army painter. If you have a good look you will spot an impostor in the battalion, he will be added to a future East Prussian battalion.
I also have my Silesian kurassier regiment completed and done with army painter ready for their final highlights. I will have to wait until I have a couple of free days to get them finished off.
I converted a line lancer officer into a mounted landwehr officer for my Silesians as they will be the 1st battalion. I added some whiskers to make him look more like an older landwehr gent as well as cap with cross. maybe I could have sanded the saddle down a bit more before making the fur?
Also a wee conversion of a mounted line officer to a light infantry colonel for my nephew David's legere 1st battalion. I know he still has the high boots but I figures on mounted duty it was acceptable? 
And here are my 1st battalion of the 1st Silesian regiment. I spent a couple of days turning them into my own style and added in a few troops. All they need now is static grass.
I'm very happy to add them into my collection and hopefully I will have the final Silesian battalion finished soon.

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Craig's Prussians 1

Sorry for the lack of updates, I am working my way through a Silesian Kurassier regiment at the moment as well as a few other bits and pieces however time is pretty short so my on line visits have been fleeting. I also have a couple of battle reports from games before the festive season to upload at some point.

Thankfully I do have some cool pics to post. I've exchanged a couple of emails recently with Craig from Australia who is a fellow 15mm Napoleonic fan from over on the GdB forum. Craig sent over a few pics of his work and has very kindly let me show them on my blog. Loads of inspiration for anyone looking to build a Prussian army of the 1812-15 period!!!
1st up the Brandenburg hussars, cracking painting!
Craig has used deep blues on all his figures and it works really well. This is what I always intend to do when sitting down to paint my Prussians but almost always chicken out with the excuse of scale!
6lb horse artillery battery complete with limber, this pic reminds me of Von B's early Prussians.
Fusiler IR3 2nd East Prussian. I'm pretty sure all the figures used are from AB. 
Garde jager battalion skirmishers
II battalion IR12 Brandenburg, you need plenty of reserve for a Prussians army.
III battalion 4th Silesian landwehr infantry regiment. And from mid-late 1813 you need plenty of these guys too.
III battalion 14th Silesian landwehr infantry regiment

IV battalion 14th Silesian landwehr infantry regiment
Mecklenberg-Strelitz hussars.

The Hussars are my favourite however brilliant figures all round Craig and I look forward to seeing more of your collection.