Thursday, 31 January 2013

Prussian WIP 31.1.13

Again sorry for the delay in updates, I have 3 battle reports to upload however I have pleasantly been working my way through plenty of troops this month and since I have the painting bug I decided to keep on painting and will do the basing later.
So far I have pretty much completed a foot battalion and a kurassier regiment as well as continuing re-basing  the figures I picked up from Darren. 
1st up I managed to knock out a Silesian landwehr battalion ready for army painter. If you have a good look you will spot an impostor in the battalion, he will be added to a future East Prussian battalion.
I also have my Silesian kurassier regiment completed and done with army painter ready for their final highlights. I will have to wait until I have a couple of free days to get them finished off.
I converted a line lancer officer into a mounted landwehr officer for my Silesians as they will be the 1st battalion. I added some whiskers to make him look more like an older landwehr gent as well as cap with cross. maybe I could have sanded the saddle down a bit more before making the fur?
Also a wee conversion of a mounted line officer to a light infantry colonel for my nephew David's legere 1st battalion. I know he still has the high boots but I figures on mounted duty it was acceptable? 
And here are my 1st battalion of the 1st Silesian regiment. I spent a couple of days turning them into my own style and added in a few troops. All they need now is static grass.
I'm very happy to add them into my collection and hopefully I will have the final Silesian battalion finished soon.


Phil said...

Wonderful figures here, Paul! The Silesian batallion is amazing, great work as always!

Rens van Vliet said...

Very nice! What do you use for basing, and what is the size?

Francis Lee said...

Fantastic work better than most 28mm work I've seen or done.

Jason Meyers said...

Great job as always Paul! Love the conversions too.

So you only put a mounted Col in your first battalions? Is that your personal convention or is there another reason? I've read that a mounted officer lead every battalion into action, even the Fusiliers. So that's what I'm doing and plus I really like the look. Mostly wondering just to give myself a sanity check.

By the way, I recently posted a few of my first painted Prussians if you care to take a peek:

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Excellent work Paul, you really have got the painting bug!

paulalba said...

Hi Phil thanks, glad you like them!

Hi Rens thanks, the bases we use are MDF 2mm deep laser cut and the prussian infantry I put on 30mmx40mm, cavalry go on 36mmx30mm, french go on 30mmx30mm and all artillery 4 figures to a 40mmx40mm (General de Brigade basing). You can get the bases from pendraken and warbases.

Cheers fran although I don't beleive you, your figures are ace!

Thanks Jason,
Yeah I tend to put the mounted colonel only in the 1st battalion of a rigiment or also in a jager battalion. The reason I do it is if I put 1 in every battalion then in a large army I would end up with loads and loads of the same figure leading my troops and on my command bases or I would end up converting loads. does that sound daft? I have just ordered another set of AB Prussian commanders so I will now have 4 bluher. I'm thinking of painting the 3 up and giving them away as a wee prize?

I'll pop over and check out your prussians, good to hear they are coming together!

thanks again guys!!!

paulalba said...

Thanks Steve,
Yeah I have been desperate to do some painting for a wee bit so I just got the head down. It helped that I had a good amount prep'd.
Hope your finding time yourself!

John (Von Blucher) said...

Paul, You have been bussy!! Great looking group, and I know how tough it is to paint up a 24 figure cavalry unit. Keep your head down and ride the painting wave while it lasts!!

Stryker said...

Great stuff as always Paul!

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Wow, just wow. Something for me to aim for. Nice, nice job.

Pat Grognard said...

Great stuff! Especially at this scale where I find it too difficult to paint the details. Well done!

Craig said...

Paul, looking great! I can see that you have block painted your landwehr figures, and am keen to see the result after you have dipped them. It looks a load faster than the approach I have been using.

Out of interest, I use a mounted figure on first battalions, to distinguish them as the senior battalion. I did have them on each for my first Regiment, but kept getting confused about which base went with which battalion. The importance of the senior battalion is that in some of the games we have played, the senior battalion in each 1813 French regiment has a higher morale grade than it's peers. It also is useful for denoting the regulating battalion in each brigade, which is a house rule we have used a few times.

paulalba said...

Hi John,
Spot on, I'm try to keep on that wave till it hits the shore! then i'll do my basing ;0)

Hi Ian, Thanks a lot!

Thanks SRD (H) a wee drop at a time and i'll keep those frenchmen at arms length!

Thanks Pat, much appreciated, I am sure your wee men look the same!

Hi craig,
Thanks, yeah I now block paint my battalions then brush on the army painter. brushing on gives a lot more control and I also keep a 2nd brush handy to dab and remoe excess AP. I do 3-4 figs at a time. It means I get a good coat and tone without areas the AP pockets, in 15mm it is more important.

Really interesting about how you do your mounted offcier, I didn't think about it before but I use my mounted officer in my 1st battalion as a focus. The fusilers stand alone so he differentiates the 2 other Prussian battalions and the same with my Russians.

Many thanks for your positive comments!!!

Giles said...

Great conversions, Paul! Looking forward to the battle reports.


Ray Rousell said...

Now they are really nice Paul, love the conversion work!!!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Looking just wonderful to include the painting and conversions!


paulalba said...

Thanks Christopher, Slowly getting through them!

Gonsalvo said...

Great looking additions; I just primed 60 Prussian Reserve Regt infantry - that will be the next project after I finish the Voltigeurs of the Guard.

Rodger said...

Beautiful painting and great conversions!!

Rosbif said...

Love it, Paul! Not only is your painting superb, your conversions with green stuff are just great. Can't wait to see them painted!

Sgt Steiner said...

Superb as always

paulalba said...

Thanks guys, really appreciate the kind comments!!!

Crazy Joe said...

Excellent painting as usual, but that conversion work is top notch!

James Fisher, FINS said...

More fabulous painting of the wee-ones Paul; as we have come to expect from you!

DeanM said...

Sorry for missing this post earlier; fantastic work - seems the Silesians are very popular with gamers. Best, Dean