Thursday 19 June 2014

Von Lutzow Volunteer Jager

I manager to finish up the 1st small group for my Von Lutzow freicorp recently. I think everyone who does 1813 Prussian plan at some stage to add a battalion or 2 of these guys into their army? I love the AB range of figures however Mr Barton didn't add the VL into it so your only other option is Old Glory late landwehr with shako? However as I enjoy cutting the heads off figures I decided to convert mine from AB landwehr with some extra details added with pro-create and green stuff. Again my pics are a bit pish so sorry about that!!!
These guys have sat around a long, long time in my mind as I had actually labelled an old Military Modelling magazine with 54mm Brunswickers at Waterloo for ideas on painting black uniforms donkeys years ago. I managed to find it complete with post-it note a few weeks back and it was a great help!
I kept the way I paint straps, shako and flesh the same however I tried mixing brown, light green, light blue and flesh with black for the uniform instead of simple greys and I'm really happy how they came out.
Again very difficult to see in the pics.
I tried to shape the muskets into rifles again using illustrations from a book by Dr. Stephen Summerfield on freicorp and jager (another cracking book for Prussian fans) and I'm pretty chuffed how they came out in the end.
I picked up some flowers and tufts at the Falkirk show recently and they really bring your bases to life. If I had room on the infantry battalion bases they would be getting them to.
This little guy is my only concern as his head appears a little bit big for his body, however I try to think of him as a guy in his mid to late 40's who has kept reasonably fit yet likes the odd beer or 4 with the boys while watching the Bundesliga? I know I'm daft but try to run with it, I have these thoughts from time to time!

This back shot is to show my new shading for Prussian backpacks. I have a nice brown from Coat d' Arms and found a lovely highlight with Vallejo mahogany (great colour). Really pleased with the coverage of Vallejo and that a wee shop in Lanark now stocks them. The shako shading looks poor in this photo, I'll maybe alter it later? I'm slowly incorporating as many Vallejo paints as possible into my colour palette!

  Not sure if I will push on with the VL battalion I have converted or maybe something a little less Prussian? Hope everyone is enjoying the world cup . . . Happy painting and wargaming!!!

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Silesian Landwehr 2nd Battalion

I'm sorry for the lack of posts, its been a busy wee while in our lives with home, work and the good weather have all been getting in the way of painting. I haven't been idle though. I spent a good while working on Von Blucher's guard chasseurs enlarging them to a 40 man unit however I have taken a break from them for the moment. I had an unfinished landwehr battalion waiting in the wings and decided to get them finished off a couple of figures at a time.
Mr Bartons Prussian landwehr are some of my favourite figures as there are so many poses and fortunately were a lot of fun to paint as you need a load of them for late 1813-15 battles!
I converted a zimmerman for the battalion from pictures in Stephen Summerfelds Prussian landwehr book (brilliant book!!!) and I'm really chuffed how he came out.

As best I can I try to add 1 character figure into each base be it a drummer, officer or a cheering chap. I feel it really gives yer battalions life.
The shades don't appear well in the pics but you get the general idea. Sorry about the iffy pic quality!!!

My Silesian landwehr so far. I know progress is slow however I can promise a couple more posts this month.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer!!!