Sunday 30 April 2017

Prussian Heavy Limbers

Sorry for my lack of activity around the blogging world. I've kept myself busy painting my toys. Had a wee break from Napoleonics and did a number of 28mm War of the Roses figures from front rank, excellent figures and loads of fun. However I'm back to Napoleonics and I've finished a few bits for my Prussian army.  

1st items I've finished are a couple of AB foot artillery limbers and guns. I've now complete 4 of the 6 AB and Bluemoon artillery vehicles I started.

For the uniform blues I have moved over from foundry to Andrea and Vallejo paints and I'm really enjoying the blends they are giving me. The Andrea blues in particular you give a lovely mat finish and mixed with the Vallejo blues give some lovely rich blues.

Goes without saying how lovely the AB Prussian artillery drivers, limber and guns are. Lots of detail to paint and very enjoyable.

I messed up when purchasing my Prussian limbers long ago, only buying heavy limbers (4) and no regular limbers 😊 however I'm not gonna order anymore, I don't think anyone would really notice or care if I have heavy limbers towing medium guns. Anyhow I'll continue to plug on with the collection. I have 2 Prussian caissons to finish off that are already based up and 50% painted and I've also completed a reserve battalion that I'll share soon.

I've also started a new Saxon battalion. A bit of a nightmare to clean up so I broke from my usual habit of cleaning and priming everything before starting painting proper and just got around half cleaned up before I cracked on. 8 down 24 to go.

Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying our hobby.

All the best and happy wargaming!!!