Friday 31 July 2015

Boki Miniatures Review

Just a wee video to show some of the Boki miniatures range I have purchased:

And another video dedicated to the time we spend on our wee creations:

Hope everyone is doing well and happy wargaming!!!
All the best!!!

Saturday 25 July 2015

4th Silesian Landwehr Regiment WIP2

I've been using my spare time to bump away at the 2nd battalion and have finally gotten it stuck down on its base with sand added so I just need to finish the basing off now.

Here is a wee video I made about the WIP:

Or if you prefer some pics

As you will know if you follow my blog I cleaned the figures up and sent them over to Dan Dunbar and Dan painted them up for me. I have used Dans painting as a base coat and have added in highlights and finer details like buttons, cap edging plus different hair colour and feel they are now my own figures.

Still a wee bit of work to do on the bases and I'll tidy up any areas that I think need it before the final varnish coat.

The officer in the back rank here was a special AB command figure with a flag pole, I've converted him into a regular Landwehr officer taking removing his guard star, drilling his hand and added a sword plus I switched his head for a Landwehr head.

I intended to use the converted officer for the main command base however I was really happy how the officer above came out so I used him instead. I'm happy with the shading on the blues, unfortunately my photos don't pick it up so well.

I'll be taking a break from Landwehr as Sho has finished casting his Leib Garde Cossacks!!! And mine are in the post so hopefully that will be my next project . . . happy Wargaming!!!

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Falkirk Wargames Club: Waterloo Day3

Sorry for the long delay for day 3 of the Waterloo battle I've had a busy work schedule lately. I made a little video to accompany the blog post so I hope you will find it interesting:

If your not into YouTube here are some pics of the final day with a short explanation as I'm in the middle of painting landwehr at the moment.

A view from the French lines at the start of day 3

View from the Dutch Belgian positions

Large cavalry battles raging in the centre

The Prussians finally arrive on table bit by bit . . .

Faced by an eager French threat

The Prussians can hear the gunfire in the distance!

Napoleon and Wellington fight it out in the centre

Panorama of the centre

Nassau on the move!

Prussian advance bottled up as the cavalry fight it out to their front

Panorama of the battlefield at the end of the battle

Another panorama of the final positions

Give me night or give me blucher, well I'm afraid it would have to be night, however we were well on the way just need a little more time!

The French road block at the edge of plancenoit

Scots greys bravely fighting it out with the polish lancers of the guard

La haie sainte used as a springboard in the centre for assaulting the allied ridge line

Stiff allied resistance

Old Glory old guard artillery deploying 

Dutch Belgian artillery in action

More lovely allied troops

This section actually looks pretty solid for the allies

Tabletop eye candy French caissons

Tabletop eye candy 

Tabletop eye candy British command stand

Tabletop eye candy allied

Tabletop eye candy the guys done us proud getting all the troops painted for the game!

Tabletop eye candy British hussars

And a big ginger haired fellow in a Prussian t-shirt

Well it was a great 3 days gaming and I hope you enjoy the pics, I'm now off to try and get a few more landwehr figures painted.

Happy warGaming!!

Wednesday 8 July 2015

4th Silesian Landwehr Regiment WIP1

And so another project has begun . . .

If you follow my blog you may have seen that I had won a competition on Dan Dunbar's blog to have a 24 man unit painted by him for free!!! And also my 1st order would have a 10% discount, Great!!!
so I decided to purchase and clean up a small army of Prussian Landwehr sending them off to Oz . . .

And last week I received a package in the post from Dan, it contained roughly 120something Landwehr figures that Dan had painted for me. All were very nicely done in the colours I wanted and so I set about preparing them to be turned into their battalions and to finish them in my own style. Above the troops already based in their painting groups.

I've started with the 2nd battalion and will be adding in a number of command and enthusiastic figures to make up the numbers.

Today I finished off 11 figures, I blocked areas I felt needed care and used Dan's painting as my base coats adding different coloured hair and various light shades for linen etc. The battalions will be a mix of AB reserve and landwehr figures to give better variation to the battalions and to show the transformation the uniform of the 4th Silesian landwehr went through up till 1815. 

I painted on the White landwehr cross to help make the reserve figures above look less reserve.

So far I'm really happy how they are coming together and a huge thanks to Dan for painting them for me!!!

The only thing is I keep on getting an urge to paint Saxon garde du corp and zastrow kuirassiers!!! It's doing my head in as I want to tick off the 4 battalions of landwehr within the next month or 2 . . . 

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Falkirk Wargames Club: Waterloo Day2

Well I sat down to upload the pictures for Waterloo Day 2, but it appears I deleted them after I uploaded them to Facebook! I'm a dumbass at times! However I have the video uploaded at my YouTube channel so if you would like to take a look at day 2's exciting encounters here it is. Included is my Prince of Orange moment:

I'll get round to Waterloo Day 3 when I have a free day or 2!

happy warGaming!!!