Saturday 23 January 2021

Prussian Horse Artillery WIP1

 Just started the last of my Prussian artillery, this time AB horse artillery loading crew.

These are some of my favourite Prussian figures, I'm guessing sculpted after the foot artillery as they look fresher.

I had a little bother cleaning up a couple of the poses, the chap with the ramrod had quite thick flash between the ramrod and arms/body

and the chap with the moving stick had a lump behind his left elbow that needed cut out, this was a pain as it covered a good bit of detail.

I also added a shoulder strap on 1 pose, I can't remember if it was missing on the horse battery crew I did a few years ago?

That's me for the moment, happy modelling and wargaming!

Monday 18 January 2021

Prussian Artillery WIP 18.1.21

I managed to finish my guns. I don't think I'll bother highlighting the metalwork as I don't really think they need it to be honest.

Managed to get the sand down on the last 2 bases so they are slowly slipping closer to completion.

Be nice to have some more troops ticked off the work bench.

Hope everyone is well, happy modelling and wargaming!!!

Sunday 17 January 2021

More preparation work

I've managed to clean up 3 Prussian landwehr battalions from Old Glory (original OG not blue moon). They will be Pomeranians with white collars.

Love these little figures, I've added variety with these guys as there are a number in each battalion that started life with a tall shako (probably seen mostly in the Waterloo campaign on landwehr figures?)

 I've clipped off the shako tops and added flat cap covers with pro create.

Not sure when I'll get the chance to paint them but they are pretty much ready to roll.

Happy wargaming and modelling!

Friday 15 January 2021

Looking to the Future

In the background of my hobby life I've been quietly cleaning up my pretty large unpainted figure mountain. Every odd half hour I've picked up scalpel and files and progress has been good.

So far I've managed to clean up and glue 2 regiments of Prussian hussars. A mix of figures purchased from a friend undercoated and from Fighting 15s.

These will be Silesian in brown with yellow braid and green with yellow braid as I already have the Leib hussars plus brandenburg hussars painted up.

I have always loved these charging hussars as they remind me of the many illustrations of the 1813 period hussars (as well as the Elite 28mm hussar I once owned). The figures took a bit of time to clean up especially the horses that had a number of lumps between the rear legs.

I'll not jump straight onto them after the artillery as I have some panzers id like to put to bed but I'm looking forward to doing them as I've not painted horses in a while.

Happy modelling and wargaming!

Thursday 14 January 2021

Prussian Artillery WIP 14.1.21

There is a chance I may bore the hell out of everyone with my constant posts of Prussian foot artillery by the time this lot are done.

I'm afraid it's just my way of keeping tabs on my progress and these are a good few hours away from being completed.

I managed to finished off my 4 big guns, got varnish on the centre section plus barrels of my 2nd set so just the wheels to complete them, set 3 are still in base coat only.

It is, what it is, after the crew figures, guns are a wee but monotonous, however I'm still enjoying them.

 I'm still unsure if I will do a highlight on the metalwork of the guns as I usually do, black alone maybe be enough?

When I get the last guns finished I'll catch the ammo boxes plus any rubbed areas on guns/figures.

I'm getting some really pleasant flashbacks of my early Napoleonic painting/Collecting while doing these guys, memories of purchasing Elite Miniature Prussians.

That's all for now

Happy modelling and wargaming!

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Prussian Artillery WIP 13.1.21

Well it's been a helluva long time since I used my blogger account. I lost access to my blog many moons ago when I switched over from my old yahoo mail account after a few friends said they had, had funny emails from my account (I hadn't sent them), it was around the time yahoo was hacked.

It coincided with me falling out of love with blogging as my wife and I had moved over to Samsung phones and tablet and for some reason the software to create/edit posts was sticky in them.

A friend mentioned my old blog recently and it  after having a look I tried to figure out a way around things.

Hopefully I've been successful in changing over the email account attached and the email address that receives notifications. Also the editing software looks a whole lot better especisply as I'm able to put this post together on my mobile. So I'll give it a go again and see how it goes.

Here is a couple of pics of  Prussians I'm working on, I'll take pics soon.

Still getting the hang of the software, I don't think ill be able to reply to comments for 30 days as the account changes over and it takes that long for Yahoo to permanently delete the old enail address. Fun times.

So I can reply to comments with 1 Google account but in order for them to be seen I have to switch and moderate them with my hotmail (now new google account) that I use to create my blog posts! 🤣🤣🤣

20mm Russians for Barbarossa

Some of my 20mm WW2 Russian kits for Barbarossa 1941.

UM Models BT7s, BT2s and S-Models t35.

I purchased an airbrush from my nephew David when we decided to get a new 1. It's been a while but it's been fun to spray kits again. I've been busily adding to my 20mm collection over the past year.