Thursday, 14 January 2021

Prussian Artillery WIP 14.1.21

There is a chance I may bore the hell out of everyone with my constant posts of Prussian foot artillery by the time this lot are done.

I'm afraid it's just my way of keeping tabs on my progress and these are a good few hours away from being completed.

I managed to finished off my 4 big guns, got varnish on the centre section plus barrels of my 2nd set so just the wheels to complete them, set 3 are still in base coat only.

It is, what it is, after the crew figures, guns are a wee but monotonous, however I'm still enjoying them.

 I'm still unsure if I will do a highlight on the metalwork of the guns as I usually do, black alone maybe be enough?

When I get the last guns finished I'll catch the ammo boxes plus any rubbed areas on guns/figures.

I'm getting some really pleasant flashbacks of my early Napoleonic painting/Collecting while doing these guys, memories of purchasing Elite Miniature Prussians.

That's all for now

Happy modelling and wargaming!


Rob said...

That's an impressive amount of artillery - I assume three batteries at a 1:2 scale?

Stryker said...

They look stunning Paul - and there's no chance you will bore anybody with pictures of your collection!

Paulalba said...

Yeah 3 batteries Rob

Paulalba said...

Thanks very much Stryker, just seems a bit repetitive.

Gonsalvo said...

Coming along very well, Paul!