Monday, 18 January 2021

Prussian Artillery WIP 18.1.21

I managed to finish my guns. I don't think I'll bother highlighting the metalwork as I don't really think they need it to be honest.

Managed to get the sand down on the last 2 bases so they are slowly slipping closer to completion.

Be nice to have some more troops ticked off the work bench.

Hope everyone is well, happy modelling and wargaming!!!


Gonsalvo said...

Coming along well, Paul!

Stryker said...

The guns do look good in blue - especially en masse like that!

Fromhold said...

Very nice paintjob Paul. Beautiful prussian Artillery.
Best Regards.

Paulalba said...

Thank you very much Artur, good to be getting them painted.

Paulalba said...

Thanks very much Stryker, nice feeling having them done.

Paulalba said...

Thanks very much Peter!