Wednesday 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!!

So we have made it to Christmas once again!!!

A very late post, Mai is getting ready for church so I have a few minutes left. A big thanks to everyone who has shared our hobby through my blog over the year. I haven't painted much at all this year and I'm sorry for that, heres hoping for lots more in the next year!!!

So for my last post of the year I have managed to finish off a very long running incomplete regiment of Russian cuirassiers!!! I've had 24 of them finished since 2010 and have finally made them up to full strength!!!

So here they are all 30 Russian Ekaterinoslav cuirassiers!!! 

They are done in my old style so the black is showing through in areas instead of a darker shade of the highlight colours. Still I'm really happy with them.

These are the 6 that took so long and it's really brilliant that they are done!!!!

I almost had them done a couple of weeks back then I stuck the flag upside down after reminding myself to make sure I check before using a little superglue for the final fix! Yip I'm a clown at times!!!

I also sorted out the coat on my new 6mm guys. I have been doing Russians for a good while now yet still it left my head that commanders wore grey coats! 

Ok so my time is up and this is my last post for the old year. I still have to track down 3 of the give away winners so I'll chase that up after the new year!

Everyone have a very merry christmas and a happy new year!!! I know I have a small selection of AB naps in a box under the tree!!! I'll fill you in later . . .

Sunday 21 December 2014

Give Away Results!!!

The results are in!!!

Last night I found the time to sort out all the entries into the different categories and a Christmassy Mylene pulled the names from her Santa hat. 'Twas a nice break from wrapping christmas presents and over the next few weeks I'll try my best to get in contact with the winners. If you by chance see your name on the winners roll and want to get in touch with your full name and address that would be very welcome as there are only a couple of winners I'm familiar with.

My contact details are:   paulalba2004(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

There were 2 winners with the name Chris. These are differentiated as Chris and Chris Stoeson so that saved a bit of confusion and 1 lucky fellow with the same name as myself was a double winner!

So here are the results:

1. Robits
Winner: Chris

2. Samurai
Winner: Paul O'G

3. Roman holding head
Winner: Ubique Matt

4. French Guardsman
Winner: Paul O'G

5. Marques of Montrose
Winner: Warwick Louth

6. Krasinski
Winner: Matt

7. Gordon of Khartoum (Lord Cirencester by Paul Hicks)
Winner: Stu Rat

8. 3 Chaps, 2 Highlanders
Winner: Panzer Kaput

9. Prussian Landwehr from Blue Moon
Winner: Chris Stoesen

So that's it for this New Years give away and I have already found more stuff that maybe useful to other gamers for my next 1. I plan to do 2 give aways a year if I have stuff that I just won't use so keep a look out.

Thanks to everyone that took part and commisserations to the guys who didn't get their names pulled out of the hat (blame Mai!!!). I plan on 1 last blog post before the big days so I'll save my seasonal greetings till then.

Awe ra best

Thursday 11 December 2014

Boki Russian Command WIP

Something a wee bit exciting for me and also wee bit scary!!!

Sho (Boki miniatures from Estonia) put a few samples of his new 6mm napoleonic range in with my latest 18mm order and I am very, very taken with them. They are so detailed, easy to paint and to be honest so cute that I think I maybe ready to paint up a couple of opposing armies and that is the really scary bit. The only thing that concerns me are the flags for the battalions. If I suss out how to do that then I'll go for it 100%. Does anyone do nice 6mm naps flags? What a crazy question to ask!!!!

Anyway these are the smallest figures I have ever painted, at least I think they are? I believe both these guys are Russian generals. It's been a while since reading up on the Russians so I may have got a couple of things wrong but who cares they are tiny!

I can't believe the amount of detail Sho got into them, he really has created something pretty special!

I've still to varnish the edge of the base then I'll add a little grass. I can't wait to paint up the little artillery crew Sho sent over next!

And here they are next to their 18mm countrymen. Sho well done buddy and keep them coming!!!

I was so excited about these little guys I pushed on and finished them tonight! I hope you can see why I like them so much.

Insane detail for such a small scale, I've no idea how he does it?

If you are not aware of Sho's figures there is a link to his website on the lower left of my blog.

Happy wargaming

Give away entry closed

Just a wee note to say that entry into my Christmas give away has now ended and I'll post the winners over the next few week. Thanks to everyone who entered or posted a comment of support.
Best of luck to all who entered!!!

Awe ra best