Sunday 3 July 2011

Wargaming Loft WIP

Anyone who has dropped by my blog in the past few months will have read that I have been getting my loft floored and turned into a storage room (wargaming room). So I thought it was about time I posted some pictures of how it is coming along.

The project stopped for a couple of months with Mai and I over in the Philippines and our joiner Paul building a castle round his house (yes a castle!!!) as his daughter was the queen at a local gala day.

While we were away my brother David kept the project on track and it is really coming together well and we can now see an end in sight.

There will be storage spaces for all our junk (mostly mine :-) under the roof angles.
And with good use of an unused cupboard we have a stair up into the loft.
Von Hannah donated some 2x2 wargaming tiles he was getting rid of so when it's all complete and I have a few tables they will do until I make up my mind what my plans are. I couldn't resist getting some troops out for a photoshoot!!!