Sunday, 17 January 2021

More preparation work

I've managed to clean up 3 Prussian landwehr battalions from Old Glory (original OG not blue moon). They will be Pomeranians with white collars.

Love these little figures, I've added variety with these guys as there are a number in each battalion that started life with a tall shako (probably seen mostly in the Waterloo campaign on landwehr figures?)

 I've clipped off the shako tops and added flat cap covers with pro create.

Not sure when I'll get the chance to paint them but they are pretty much ready to roll.

Happy wargaming and modelling!


Gonsalvo said...

Those Pomeranians were tough eggs! You have considerable ,leeway when painting the Landwehr, that's for sure!

Stryker said...

In my experience you can never have too many Landwehr - these look nice.

Paulalba said...

That is very try Stryker, I already have 10 battalions painted up but plan to paint another 6 that I have.

Paulalba said...

That's true Peter, black coats, blue coats, grey coats I'm planning.