Sunday, 10 November 2013

Typhoon Latest

Thanks so much everyone,

I posted part of this post in the comments earlier:

So far we have Learned V&G phase 5 where Mai's sister and 2 of her brothers plus kids and more of the family were sheltered was least hit with no causualties. The 2 other family homes of her brothers we don't know yet but are away from the shore so we are remaining positive however Mai has many relatives in tacloban. So much great activity online sharing information of families and areas however the phone lines are still down. Scanning every video and photo looking for a familiar face.

Mai's aunt (83) and her family survived on the roof of their house just at the start of San Jose on the way to the airport. The area is devastated there, every house will be damaged in some way maybe totally across Tacloban and the surrounding areas.

I feel for the poor souls who have not survived and who have lost loved ones and so many have lost everything. Conflicting accounts of the aid effort. The main priority is to get food, water and shelter to everyone who has survived. The local authorities. Obviously struggled as the infrastructure collapsed and they are far to few in number. We have reports that in many areas the people are still without food and water.  We hope today now that more boots are on the ground and that more places will receive aid.  We got the feeling that the PH authorities were a little reluctant to say they needed outside help in a big way. CH4 news was negative about the amount of aircraft travelling from manila with aid.

Hopefully the international effort has begun today!!!  I want to also say as I did on Facebook that I feel desperate people with no food breaking into shops to get food and water for their families are not what I would call looters, money is useless and there is nowhere to obtain enough food to survive at the moment. If I was there myself any take away franchise/supermarket or mall would be my 1st stop. The Philippines sun is hard to take at any time but without water must be unbearable.

Again thanks for everyone's support and I'll keep you updated.
My very best


Ian said...

I hope for further good news for your wife's family and friends

The help should start to flow faster each day


Phil said...

I didn't see the last, courage, I hope all is getting better and better for your wife's family...and all the others...