Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lawhallwolkwitz 1813

Sorry for the delay in updates, I have been busy working on our club blog lately and getting my Prussian workbench cleared. I actually managed to complete every Prussian figure I had on the go and will post pics of them soon. Here are a few shots from our recent 15mm Napoleonic club game in our new home of the Tom Craig Centre, Law using the GdB rules.
The full report can be found over on our club blog at: http://carlukewargamesclub.blogspot.com/2009/11/blog-post.html

My Prussian Dragoons on the move with my newly finished cavalry command base.

The battle begins to heat up.

The stuttering cavalry battle out on the right flank with the weirdest dice rolls I have ever seen.

The Dragoons are gone! A sad day as my West Prussians are lifted from the table. Thankfully I was not in charge of them at the time!
Make or break in the centre with my daft idea of assaulting a strong French line before really weakening it.

And break it was!

Run forest run and that's exactly what they did they ran straight past the forest.

The other Allied armies hold out and luckily my Prussians manage to rally but sadly a French victory was declared on the day.

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