Sunday, 3 October 2010

My 1st AB Russians

I am still getting to grips with my newly returned camera so the images are a little different in shade, on a positive note I am able to finally take some pictures of my finished work!

So this is the 1st of many 15mm AB Russian battalions.

I have decided to do the 7th Division from 1812 and this is the 3rd battalion of Libau Infantry regiment.

The AB Russians are a pure joy to paint with the detail on a par with many 28mm figures.

I now wish I would have skipped my Old Glory Russians and started with my AB's! I have around 12 battalions to paint up with 3 already well on the way to being finished.

Again a huge thanks to James (Suvurov) from the USA who sent me the Russian flags that he designed himself. When printed from a good quality printer they are perfect. I drilled out the hands and attached paper clip flagpoles to make them stronger.

A wee question to anyone in the know: Does anyone have any idea what colour the pompom of the drummers be? I know the plume in full dress is red and so I made the pompom red too but I would guess this would only be reserved for drummers of the grenadier companies and battalions?

You can't make it out from the pictures but there are different shades in the trousers starting with Games Workshop foundation paint dhenb stone and progressively highlighted with white.

Next up: I'll post pictures of my Prussian Old Glory Landwher and then my AB Russian horse battery . . .


Docsmith said...

How good are the ABs? If I were not totally taken up by the Perry's 28s etc they'd be my first choice. Huge range and brilliantly sculpted. Very nice paint job too and yes, the drummer's pompom was (usually) red!


Gunfreak said...

I must say, russians are realy cool, I'm now doing them in 3 scals, and 1 project with early russians 4 in late.

I asume you have read Russia against Napoleon by Dominic Lieven?

Great painting, you faces are superb,

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice work!


paulalba said...

Hi guys thanks for the kind comments.

Doc, The AB late Russian figures are superb, best in the market but as usual come at a pretty high price. I completely understand why your taken by the Perry 28s. My brother is addicted to their ACW 28s.

GF, I do like the Russians myself. The Kiwer is for me the coolest shako of the period (Bavarian helmet 2nd). Sorry I haven't read that book yet.

Christopher, cheers I always enjoy looking through your own blog.
Thanks again guys.