Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Russian Cuirassiers

Of all the AB cavalry I have seen I think these are my favourite. I know the French cuirassiers and dragoons charging look great too but I just love the contrast of the white uniforms and black cuirass and throw in an orange, yellow or pink facing and these guys become my favourite table top cavalry regiment without a doubt.
Again sorry for my murder pictures!

I should have had these guys posted a long while ago but I was trying to get their command base finished before posting them. Anyway I have scrapped the command base for the moment and so instead of waiting until I do another 1 I decided I better get them posted up. I have only completed 24 so I have 6 more to finish off for a full General de Brigade regiment of 30.

It's only been around 2 years since I starting painting Napoleonics again so I am having to learn a lot of stuff again like painting white coats. This is the 2nd trumpeter of this regiment I have done and the 1st I wasn't totally happy with as I left to much contrast with the white on a black undercoat so with this figure I blocked in the coat with Coat d Arms rohan horse colour before doing the white and orange and I feel it worked out much better.

If anyone is interested the orange is from Games Workshop foundation range and it's a cracker, it goes over black great.
I should mention these are the Ekaterinoslav cuirassiers.

The horse and rider in the centre of this little base have to be my favourite. How I wish I could sculpt figures like this. The horse rearing back with the rider going forward is just perfect. I managed to softly reposition some of the heads and arms so that all the figures seem to be in a different pose and I think it works quite well (for me anyway).

Can you spot the mistake? I was talking about this with my buddy Robert on Saturday. I don't know how many times I have looked over my reference material and yet I still managed to miss the number 1 for Alexander the 1st on the saddle covers! Daft and unimportant I know as I am very happy with the figures and I won't be changing it now but for some reason I thought the number was regimental or something? However not to worry as I'll catch it on my dragoons and hussars!

So I think that's me for the year now as I am pretty sure there won't be much time between all the celebrations to pick up a paint brush.

I've really enjoyed doing the blog this year and I am totally surprised that there are 50 people who want to see how my wee armies progress. A huge thanks to everyone who has helped me out with everything and to all the people who have posted comments and have exchanged emails.

I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and a happy New Year!!!!!!


Robert said...

Superb, Paul!

I think the Russian cuirassier uniform was one of the most impressive of the wars, and you did it justice here.

I haven't planned on doing any myself (there were no cuirassiers in the Army of Silesia), but I'm sore tempted to wander from the path after seeing these!

paulalba said...

Wow Robert,
and you said I was fast :-)

I wasn't planning to post this 1 for a couple more nights. The wife headed of to bed after a night of parcel wrapping and I decided I would do the text (so if you see this post disappear it will only be for a couple of night).

By the way it works both ways as seeing your Napoleonics come together spurs be on too!


Stryker said...

Simply stunning - Paul you're an inspiration sir! Have a great Christmas...


Robert said...

"Wow Robert,
and you said I was fast :-)"

Heh, one good turn deserves another!

A very Merry Christmas to you, Paul!

I'm confident 2011 will see a lot of progress on Napoleonics for us both.

Ken said...

Hi Paul,

Great regiment! I've painted most tropop types but never Russian cuirassiers.

Looking forward to seeing the next regiment.

Happy Xmas!


paulalba said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!! A bit swamped in the old festive rush but it's all part of the fun.
Best regards

Scotsgrey said...

outstanding work, wishing you all the best in the New Year

paulalba said...

Cheers D-Man,
Have a great New Year!
Awe ra best!

Giles said...

Stunning work, Paul. I can't believe the sabretache motifs...on 15mm figures! A truly beautiful regiment.

Best wishes


paulalba said...

Hi Giles,
Thanks very much for your kind words on my cuirassiers, it is very much appreciated.

They are my favourite so far of all the AB figures I have seen and were a joy to paint.

Many thanks and all the best for 2011
Best regards

Achilles said...

so beautiful! your painting is exactly what miniature painting should be like! clean, detailed and well highlighted!

My only complaint is why are you not doing 28mm? :P

How big is your Russian army so far?

paulalba said...

Hi Achilles,
SOrry missed your post earlier as it was on an old post.
Many, many thanks for your kind comments.

On the 28mm Naps, well they were my 1st love but unfortunately space at home and on the gaming table put me onto 15mm. Also nobody within 50 miles I know plays 28mm Naps!
You guys are very lucky in West Tokyo!!!

paulalba said...

My Russian army is not so big I am afraid. I started on Old Glory and have 6 battalions, 1 battery and command finished. AB I have 1 infantry, 1 cav, 1 battery and 2 limbers finished. i am just finishig a foot battery and have 4 jager battalions on the go.