Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hougoumont in 15mm

My brother David picked up a couple of the unpainted Hovel Hougoumont buildings in 15mm at the Falkirk show last year as a little side project to see how he got on painting it.

And he decided in amongst his main projects he would build the complete complex for our future battles and this is where he is at so far.

David picked up the last of the wall sections on Saturday so I would guess it will be finished pretty soon.

I'm well impressed with this as terrain is not my strong point. I have been trying to convince David to scratch build some buildings for our 1812-13 battles for a while now so fingers crossed.

On another note I managed to swap away a large part of my 28mm Napoleonic armies that had been lying around for almost 20 years and replaced them with more 15mm Napoleonic figures that I feel I will be able to finish.

I called my brother David to tell him about it at the start of the New Year for him to tell me that over the Christmas break my nephew David had painted up a Perry artillery crew and gun (left) and he had worked his way through a plastic Perry French battalion! (awaiting bases below)

To give you an idea if you have not already read in my older posts I had hoped that my brother and I would do the 28mm Naps together but David was not confident that he could paint the 28mm figures. Anyway with the army painter method he has been able to get a lot done, and has bought more.

20 years my 25mm/28mm Napoleonic figures lay in lofts, 20 years!!!! Thankfully I still have some Elite Prussians to fight their new found love of 28mm Perry plastic French figures!


Anonymous said...

Always happens. I sold a lot of Space Marines and Orks back in 96 because no one wanted to play 40k. 6 months later they all decide it's a great game. I had sold of the rules all my army books the 2 Ork books(that are now worth loads)everything.
My New Year's resolution is, don't sell anything. : )

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

There's alot going on there...quite impressive

Ray said...

Great job on the buildings, I love the two tone white and brown on the outside walls.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

The buildings are looking great!


paulalba said...

Thanks for the comments guys,
Redtroop, Yeah I know the same thing happened also with Flames of War. We had the chance to pick up a lot of them at a show at £2 a time a couple of years ago (unfortunately a shop went bust) and I tried in vane to persuade My brother ad nephew to buy some to the words what do we want with them! What did young David start getting into in November, FOW! He painted all the figures and vehicles I bought that day and is now regularly parting with a lot of cash for the same things that were on offer.
Hi Captain,
There is a whole lot more than that getting built and painted by my brother and nephew. They both have hobby area's to paint stuff.
Hi Ray and Christopher,
Thanks very much, I think they are well cool too as I for some reason cannot do terrain very well at all.
Thanks again guys

Ken said...

Hi Paul,

Now those are great looking buildings - would love to to see them populated with redcoats and a sea of blue coated french outside!



paulalba said...

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the comment, Yeah my brother has done a fine job on them and hopefully we will get a chance to see them in action in the near future as there is a guy at the club who is working his way through some OG British in Belgic.

Glen Lomax said...

It looks like painting talent runs in your family, great looking figures and a very impressive setup for Hougoumont, what kind of space is it taking up?

paulalba said...

Hi Glen,
Thanks very much, that's very kind of you to say. With the size of the buildings I can't really remember? I will ask David to measure it out to get a better idea.

Phil said...

I had not seen yet, it's a great Hougoumont!