Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hungarian Infantry WIP

I was going to wait until I have them all finished before pposting them however I thought I would do a quick WIP. This is my 1st BH Hungarian infantry battalion done with AP and I am chuffed how they have come out so far.
Sprayed white 1st then I blocked in all the main colours then brushed on the AP.
I did them with sky blue facings (now I know this is wrong as they fought in Italy), no matter!!
They will do for me and the last 13 are just waiting for the AP to dry.
Drummer came out well
As did the officers
I know the BH moulds are old as there are loads of little imperfections on the figures. They still look good.
My Grenz are well underway too, they were sprayed black 1st.


Crazy Joe said...

I think they look red hot. I find the AP seems to work better on 15's than 28's for some treason - maybe the sculpting give more defined undercuts and creases? Nevertheless, lovely figures

Anyway, just done some Austrian staff for 'fun' while the Olympics have been on and I'll be right back to the AP with the rest of the troops. The effectiveness of AP just makes a mockery of 'normal' shading when you can get pretty much the same result (often better) for far less work. I think the labour saving element is not so much the 'instant' shading as the ability to see exactly where any highlighting needs to go. It's not cheating, it's just another way of doing things.

Oh yeah, those Grenzers are nothing like the original AB figures I have. They're much better for a start.


Ray Rousell said...

Some great work Paul, AP does really work well on white. Love the nail varnish too, what's the shade called, I'm sure the mrs would like some!!

Phil said...

Great work, specially on the grey and white colours...

Ken said...

That AP sure seems to be the stuff! Which shade is it?

paulalba said...

Hi Gaz,
totally agree with you on AP it does help you see where the highlighting needs to go. Thanks for yer comment!

Hi Ray,
Thanks very much, the nail varnish is Ambush camo white ;0)

Hi Phil, thanks!

Hi Ken,
The shade is dark tone (it is the darkest of the 3 tones). My brother uses strong tone at the moment but I think dark tone works better. I do a good bit of repainting after it is applied but it still saves an age!

Rosbif said...

Excellent work Paul!

Those officers look like they mean business, too!

Rodger said...

Excellent work Paul.

rempage said...

Beautifully work. Who is the producer of those great figures? I can see that you mostly play GdB. Is that your favourite Napoleonic rule-set? Sorry for off-topic.

Gonsalvo said...

Looks very good, Paul!

John (VonBlucher) said...

They came out excellent as usual, and no doubt AP works great with white uniforms.

After looking at these you can tell Tony sculpted these. A few of the Battle Honor figures look as good, as the AB versions.

Your right though on the Battle Honor molds, need to be replaced.

paulalba said...

Hi Rosbif,
Thanks, Yeah I think the Officers are the best of the group.

HI Rodger, Thanks!

Hi Rempage, Thanks, the figures are from Battle Honours, designed long ag by the designer of AB miniatures. Yes I play GdB rules, I do enjoy them but they are the only Naps rules I know so can't comment on any others. I want to find a good set of skirmish rules for 28mm Naps too.

Hi Peter, Thanks, your continuing growing collection gives me and others a lot of inspiration.

Hi John,
Thanks as always!!! Your right a lot of the BH figures are as close to AB as you can get. Especially the Austrians. However some of the castings are really rough now.

Thanks for everyones comments!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Excellent work, Paul

Der Feldmarschall said...

Great job on these Paul, I'd be chuffed too. :)

paulalba said...

Thanks Captain and Der Feldmarschall, Just waiting for flags now!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Nice work, Paul I kinda wish I got into something like that instead of the Civil War

David Cooke said...

Great looking results!