Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Collection So Far (2)

I'm not painting naps at the moment however I did take some pictures of our full collection recently (not totally full as young David took half his guard home and our Brits are not present plus I forgot about my Minifig Prussian brigade!) so I thought this would be a good opportunity to take stock of where we are at.
Pretty much all of David's French army as it stands at the moment.
Plenty of cavalry regiments with plenty more to be painted. I also have a number of AB French cavalry regiments to paint at some point (not until the allied cavalry are more of a threat!).
David's cavalry are made up of Minifigs (2nd generation), Battle Honours and also Old Glory.
David started us off long ago with his 1st Minifig battalions (I was still at school at the time so 25 years plus). Robert sold David some BH and Neil sent up plenty more BH French that make up most of David's force. There are a few OG French infantry thrown in too.
Davids mostly Minifig artillery (I missed a box so there are a couple more batteries).
Some Minifig eye candy.
David did these BH up as separate skirmishing voltigeurs, not really seen them in action yet like this?
My own collection as it stands minus 4 battalions of Minifig Prussians and artillery battery.
My Russians and Prussians are pretty much equal in size at the moment.
Recent Russian additions.
My poor Russian cavalry commanders desperate for someone to command (watch this space!!!)
And me Prussians
My new Blucher taking his place at the head of the army ready for anybody!!!
Not forgotten: I really enjoy painting Bavarians however as David has plenty of French I need to concentrate on the main Allies.
Again I love painting my Saxons and I have enough for a full brigade ready to paint but they are a side line for the moment
And finally my French and Austrians. The French will get done over the years but only when my Russians and Prussians are more solid. The Austrians are on hold as Cameron has a new job and I have other commitments at the moment. 
Hopefully I'll get a couple more units finished before the New Year?!?


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Now that is one impressive array of lovely looking troops!


paulalba said...

Thanks very much Christopher glad you like them!

Rosbif said...

Wow! Ditto what Christopher said!

Nothing like putting all the figures on parade together for a real sense of achievement.

Well done!

David Cooke said...

Enjoyable tour thanks!

Author said...

Just beautiful. Really crisp, clean, gorgeous paint jobs, perfect basing, nice command stands... Great job, very jealous!

Phil said...

I agree with others, your painting of the minis came out just so gorgeous!

Its obviously you have/had a vision with your Napoleonic miniatures, like a movie director would have before filming with his/her artistic talents and creativity, and you have the artistic painting skills and creativity no question about it, you painted the minis with so visual appeal to match with the flocking of your bases and your table top battlefield playing area, its amazing.

really one hell of a great project by you sir! top marks for your hard work....and thank your very much for sharing your stunning work to us "followers" ;o) at your blog


Millsy said...

Very impressive, even more so for the quality of the paint work and basing. You should be very proud!

Dmitri Kononenko said...

Great! Great! I said great? GREAT! Stunning army. So numerous and so great painting. I hope reach some day this point, but now you my hero ) Really, respect! Good job.

Dan said...

Wow Paul, that is some impressive collection, not just in number, but also in quality, I could gawk at that all day.

lesfoudresdelaigle said...

Un grand hourra ou un vive l'empereur je redemande des photos la table est superbes, et les figurines magnifiques. J'adore à plus Christian

Chamberí-JaiAlai said...










Phil said...

It is rare to see so many beautiful figurines on a table, you can zoom in and zoom, the quality is always amazing!

Rodger said...

Very impressive array of troops.

RTB said...

Wow PD! You wait until my Bavarians come up to Jock land! Hoefully that translating phone ap will be working so I can deal with the language barrier!

John (Von Blucher) said...

Fantastic looking Armies!!

Great to see them out all at once.

Now it looks like you'll need to enlarge you gaming table. ;0)

thehermit said...

Fantastic collection to be proud of!

Ray Rousell said...

What a mighty fine collection Sir!!! All painted to the highest quality!

Curt C said...

Both beautiful and impressive. An excellent achievement, Paul! Bravo.

Crazy Joe said...

Top notch mate! Certainly a collection to be proud of.

Phyllion said...

Impressive collection!

Giles said...

Wow! That's how 15mm Naps should look, Paul. Very impressive.

Best wishes


paulalba said...

Wow, thanks so much for all your really, really encouraging, positive and friendly comments. They have given me a huge lift and it's very much appreciated!

I get a tremendous amount of inspiration watching everyones armies/collections come together plus sharing my own very slow at times progress.

I hope I can continue to turn out some more troops soon.

My very best regards and hope you guys are enjoying your painting as much as I am.

James Fisher, FINS said...

A belated addition to the chorus of praise Paul. They look great and are beautifully painted and based. You can't beat massed Napoleonics!


James Fisher, FINS said...
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Vasiliy Levashov said...

Amazing work, Paul!
My sincere congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I want those Bavarians!

John B

fireymonkeyboy said...

Damn, that looks good. Incredible to see such a large concentration of such well-painted figures. Inspirational.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Some pretty impressive armies...nice work

Ken said...

Brilliant collection you have there Paul.



Ken said...

Brilliant collection you have there Paul.



paulalba said...

Thanks very much for the comments guys, hit a wee bloc with time at the moment. Not sure when I will get a chance to continue?


Schrumpfkopf said...

I was visiting that post for 3 times now, pondering what one can say in front of such a brilliant display.

"Thank you for sharing and very well done Paul!"

I think that nails it down. :--)

Rosbif said...

Hi Paul, I've nominated you and your blog for the latest round of virtual backslapping, the Lieber Blog Award. If you're interested see my latest post.

Scotsgrey said...

Blucher did a great job on Saturday, leading the young men of Prussia to seize KAJA, your brother David suffered from the Austrian onslaught of Von Cameron. Inspirational painting is the majic!

Der Feldmarschall said...

Wow, impressive to say the least. Truly inspiring stuff Paul!


peter said...

That's an impressive amount of painted figures Paul!
Thanks for sharing!