Monday, 17 December 2012

Silesian Fusilers

Well it has been a long while since I last posted however I haven't been idle. 1st I would like to say a huge thanks to Rosbif, Sgt Steiner and Der Fieldmarschall for nominating me for the Leibster award, I have definitely missed the boat on it so all I can say is sorry and again thanks a million!!!

I've been re-basing and adding to the Prussians I bought from Darren. I have been concentrating on the 1st Silesian regiment and I have finally finished the fusiler battalion.
Darren had done them as West Prussian fusilers but since I have them already I repainted their facings and added in a few figures.

I added the buttons where I could and highlighted the shakos and was able to highlight the trousers and blue (not that you an really see it!). The sword knots are Darren's, nice touch!

I finished off by painting the gun slings red/brown and painting the gun barrels bolt gun metal to tie them in with my own battalions. 
All in all I'm really pleased with them and here they are with their regimental buddies that are very close to being finished too. I just have to decide what I'm doing with the volunteer jagers next.
I was going to keep these guys for another post but I'm really excited about them so thought I would show them in their WIP state.

They are a battalion of East Prussian landwehr painted by Darren and re-based by me. I have been painting the caps blue and adding the red pipping lately.

The flag man has been changed and drilled with a paper clip flag pole and GMB flag added. The officer was separate from the battalion originally so I gave him a new mount and added him to make this the first battalion of 4. Thanks Darren for the great figures. I'll be finishing them off soon as Darren is sending me up the blue he used on them

I would just like to finish by saying how sorry my wife and I were to hear of the tragic events that happened over in America in the past few days and our hearts go out to the family and friends of all the children and adults who were so cruelly taken from them. I cannot begin to imagine how the families must be feeling at this time and we wish them all our very best.


Phil said...

Fantastic Paul! Just fantastic!

Der Feldmarschall said...

Everything looks wonderful Paul! If anything has ever tempted me to go back to these tiny little guys again, it's been the lovely figs on your blog! :-)


John (Von Blucher) said...

Great looking group and a fine addition to your Prussian forces!!


Crazy Joe said...

Lovely job mate and especially so since I think the later Prussians don't get half the good poses the figures of other nations seem to.

If this doesn't throw up more Prussian converts I'm not sure what will!


DaveD said...

looking good Paul - cracking landwehr!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wonderful work as always Paul!


Achilles said...

I have no words to describe your dedication to detail! even at 15mm you still amaze me... oh how I lament the fact that you never opted for the "bigger" side of the hobby (aka 28mm)...

One can only hope ;)

paulalba said...

Thanks guys, I'm really happy with them and the work Darren put into them already made life very easy for me.

Hi Phil and Dave, glad you like them, hoping to see more naps over on your own blogs from time to time.

Hi John, I managed to lear out the subbuteo figs from mthe front page after all ;0)

Hi Jason and Ahilles, if I had the money, space and time I would definitely be doing 28mm naps as well.

Hi Crazy Joe, Yeah I would agree with you and the late Prussian army gets slated for not being colourful enough. Still they are a nice army to have.

Hi Christopher, glad you like them. Any chance you will be doing any naps soon?


Rosbif said...

Lovely, Paul.

They look like they'll fit in well with your own masterpieces!

Gonsalvo said...

Nice acquisition and upgrade; I have Prussians on my painting queue for the first half of 2013; I hope they come out half as nice as these fellows.

Thanks for your thoughts; as posted to my own blog, Newtown is practically in my backyard. It is impossible to make sense of a tragedy like that, or even understand how anyone could do something so horrific.

Ken said...

excellent units as ever Paul...another two regiments (6 battalions) and you'll have an entire brigade!

Truly awful events over in USA, sickens me....

paulalba said...

Thanks for the kind words Rosbif, Peter and Ken, Just finished the landwehr and just need to stick on the grass when the varnish is dry. Only problem, I'm on shift tomorrow till Christmas and I think that will be my last chance to get anything done before the new year. I'll see what I can do?

peter said...

I really like how the dark grey/black uniforms are done! Wonderfull painted unit!